🌟 Join the Dream Team:
Volunteer at Nomad Island Fest 2024! 🌟
5-11 December, Madeira Island

Imagine waking up on the magical island of Madeira, surrounded by a community of like-minded digital nomads, online entrepreneurs, and remote work revolutionaries. Picture yourself immersed in the transformative experiences that only Nomad Island Fest 2024 can offer. Sounds like paradise, right?

Well, we’re inviting YOU to not just be a part of it but to help shape it! We’re looking for enthusiastic, energetic, and committed volunteers to help make Nomad Island Fest 2024 between 5-11 December in Madeira Island an event to remember. 🌈

Why Volunteer? 🌱

Networking like Never Before: Engage with speakers, thought leaders, and fellow nomads. This is where lifelong connections happen.

Skill-Building for Your Resume: Gain hands-on experience and skills that will make you even more of a standout in the remote work landscape.

Access to High-Value Masterminds: When you’re not on duty, you’re free to soak in the wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

Reenergize: The location, the people, and the activities—we promise you’ll leave the island more inspired and reenergized than you’ve ever been.

You’ll be part of this fantastic journey in Ponta do Sol, Madeira. If you didn’t Google this place yet, trust us—it’s a paradise.

What’s in It for You? 🎉

FREE Nomad Island Fest Ticket

Get full access to the event during your off-duty hours (Valued at €975). When not on duty you are fully integrated into the festival atmosphere, allowing you to network, learn, and enjoy the event just like our participant!

Event Experience

You'll have the opportunity to attend high-profile speaker panels, masterminds, workshops, vitality activities featuring renowned experts in their fields during your free time.

Expert Training

We'll equip you with all you need to excel in your role.

Expand your Network

Our volunteers in our past editions found new opportunities and clients through the people they were exposed to!

Community Engagement

Become an part of The Nomad Escape community, valued for your contributions to the event's success.

What do we expect from you? 📜

Terms & Conditions:

What type of people are we looking for?

Energetic & positive personality, with a passion for travelling, helping people, organising events, and contributing to an impactful project.

Pre-Event Opportunities 📈

Promotion and Marketing Maestros
Help us drum up the excitement before the big day! If you have a knack for social media, copywriting, or influencer outreach, we need your wizardry.

Sales Gurus
Got a talent for making irresistible offers? Help us sell out our event by reaching out to potential attendees and closing the deal. – Earn Commissions!!!

During the Event: Roles & Responsibilities 🎭

We’re seeking dynamic volunteers to handle diverse roles—from door checks and registration to content creation, mic runners, stage managers, space preppers, customer service, and evening event support, and WAY MORE!. Become an invaluable part of Nomad Island Fest 2024 and amplify your personal and professional growth! 🌟

Based on your profile we will assign a suitable role and position to you.

There’s no ceiling to what you can achieve within our community. Take this unique opportunity to be part of something groundbreaking.

So, what do you say? Ready to make history,
enrich your life, and shape the future of remote work?

Apply Now to Volunteer for Nomad Island Fest 2024 ! 🌟

Questions? Shoot an email to  [email protected]

Nomad Island Fest 2024