Company Retreats & Events

Enhance your team’s performance with a Company Retreat

We offer a proven, turn-key-solution in bringing your staff together in a professional, social and majestic offline environment.

What is a Company Retreat

Take a corporate event, reduce its scale, add some coziness, mix in playfulness, vitality and personal growth, season with business development and learning, and let it rest for few days in an astonishing paradise.
This is the simple recipe of the Company Retreat!

We created a format that will engage your team for a few days in a far-from-ordinary adventure. With the idea of making work a fun activity, the Company Retreat is a mix of professional development, personal growth, team building, fitness, relax and entertainment condensed into a single adventure.

The Company Retreat is the ideal solution for remote teams with the eagerness of getting together in a physical setting. It has been created for companies willing to establish a culture of care, merit, learning, and fun for their employees, as well as for organisations seeking for relax or adventure far from their (virtual) office.

We have hosted employees from:

The challenges of remote work

The Program

We work with your team to set a new standard of what remote teams getting together can truly be like. 

Delivering a truly personalised & bespoke experience, your unique programme will act as a turn-key-solution for your company to experience an offline, social & interactive setting in the digital era.

This programme is ideal for groups sized between 6 to 50.

Whether it be teambuilding, onboarding, exploring new incentive models or all of the above our framework provides a healthy and fungible pre-set to designing a highly memorable and unique experience.

5 Days Retreat example

Welcome, Relax & Connect 

Team Building &  Adventure Time

Workshop, Roadmapping & Strategy

Mindfulness, Roadmapping & Reflection

Personal Notes & Goodby Hugs

A program example in one presentation

by Mich Mare

How it works 

1. Express your interest

Fill in this form to receive an email with instructions to help us understand you and your brand as well as highlight the proposed dates & number of participants you require.

2. Fulfil a shared vision call

Brainstorm & finalise with us what your ideal Virtual Retreat will look like & save the date.

3. Select your package

You can then make an informed value based decision on which go to provider best suits you in incorporating office retreats within your incentive model


What people say about us

It is very hard to sum up this experience in a few words.  It’s fun, it’s therapy, it’s being productive, it’s learning new things, new skills, seeing new and beautiful things, staying in amazing accommodations and having everything organized for you so you can just focus on the growth specified above.

Raluca Marcu

Software Engineer

 The Nomad Escape team thinks of EVERYTHING! The individuals complemented each of our professional skills and I learned so much about myself and my work. I was able to re-focus, re-charge and re-build my business . I’m confident it was game-changing growth for me and all my fellow ‘Escapers’!

Derek Smith

PR & Communication

This is such a unique concept and one that has changed my life in a massive way! Being surrounded by people who understand my goals and motivations and who all have so much knowledge and experience to share was so valuable! In three weeks I grew so much in myself and in my business (I got two new clients!) by surrounding myself with the right people.

Erin Butler

Digital Marketer