*Recommended with 5+ stars!*
Michelle and Andreas are the perfect hosts for a trip like this. Organized, crazy friendly and they keep the positive vibe going all the way! The energy they transfer to the group, to each individual differently, that is a special talent. With their business knowledge, personal coaching and marketing backgrounds, there’s so much to learn. The groups are handpicked to create the best match of people. You learn from each other in skillshares, workshops and outdoor activities.

Everybody joins with a different mindset or background. But that doesn’t matter, because you feel connected right away. Man… You are going on a crazy beautiful epic road trip! And so much is taken care of. You just need to sit back, relax and enjoy this mindful journey. During the trip you get more and more connected, after a couple of days you become friends and after 3 weeks you are permanent family!

Bas ten broeke, web developer, the netherlands

“It is very hard to sum up this experience in a few words. Because it is not just a trip.. it’s growth ( on a professional and personal level) , its fun, it’s therapy, it’s being productive, it’s learning new things, new skills, seeing new and beautiful things, staying in amazing accomodations, having everything organized for you so you can just focus on the growth specified above 😁getting to know incredible and valuable people (the group you travel with and all the other people you meet along the way through workshops or activities set up by Michelle and Andreas).
Its an experience that needs experiencing to be understood at its true value.
Michelle, Andreas, thank you for creating this and I am so happy I got to live it 😘😘😘”

raluca marcu, sofware engineer, romania

“Oh, wow! Where do I begin? My experience on The Nomad Escape stretcchhheeeed me and enabled to me to grow in amazing ways. I’ve been working in tech for 5 years in a remote-friendly company as a software engineer. Recently, I have been making plans to strike out on my own and build my own business. Joining the nomad escape opened my eyes to so much possibility for how this dream of mine can look! The professional development was immense, but truly the connections I made with the other people on this trip is what made this experience truly priceless. An amazing, crazy beautiful hodge-podge of strangers from around the world thrown in a van for 3 weeks offered me so many learning experiences. From how to hug a donkey to recognizing my limits and advocating for myself to how to fly a drone to opening a wine bottle with a shoe to Bollywood dancing (I can go on and on!!), I learned and laughed so much with these beautiful souls. For about a year proceeding this trip, I was experiencing tremendous changes and growth in my personal life. This trip had me laughing more in 3 weeks than I had in months. And the laughing continues today after the trip has ended, because we are still in touch! I’m immensely grateful for Andreas and Michelle for creating this experience and inviting me to join. Undeniably, it shifted and changed my life. 

Candice haddad, sofware engineer, us

I was quite new to this whole digital nomad thing and not sure how to do this. I found The Nomad Escape and Michelle encouraged me to join them on a trip through Europe with a small group of like-minded people. I did it and I loved it. I met 8 amazing people, who are family now. I learned so much from all of them and they gave me the confidence that I can actually do this and be a digital nomad and be a successful VA while traveling the world.
If you want to become a digital nomad, or if you already are one, you definitely should join Michelle and Andreas on their next trip. You will see beautiful cities, stay in beautiful accommodations and meet amazing people! DO IT!


I joined the September 2019 journey which lasted for 21 days! Such an amazing concept who brings digital nomads together from all over the world. Being with like-minded people and staying at these fantastic accommodations is really priceless! If you are a digital nomad, this journey is definitely for you!


Amazing trip with amazing people. Michelle and Andreas are a powerhouse team who will rock your world for 3 weeks – highly recommended to any digital nomad or anyone considering this lifestyle + career. Totally awesome! you will learn so much and gain irreplaceable experiences and memories!!!

Sean Smith, Software engineer, USA. 

I had the chance to travel with Michelle and Andreas of Nomad Escape when I was in Portugal this year, and it was an incredible experience. They brought together a really interesting and open group of people to stay at a villa in the Algarve for a week. It was a meaningful bonding experience with fellow nomads – cooking and eating meals together, hanging out at gorgeous beaches, co-working outside in the courtyard, and constantly getting sucked into deep conversations that let us get to know each other really well. I’d definitely want to travel with this group again, and any group of nomads that Michelle & Andreas would put together.

Anya Kremetsky,  Stocktrader, USA. 

The Nomad Escape is totally not recommended to people that don’t like:
– awesome nature
– awesome accomodations
– awesome activities
– awesome cities
– awesome retreats
– awesome activities
– awesome road trips
– awesome food
– awesome laughs
– awesome talks
– awesome work

and more than everything
– awesome PEOPLE

If you don’t like these, please stay away from The Nomad Escape. If you happen to like these, please do you a favour and book the next Nomad Escape. At worst, you will have the most amazing road trip ever.

Federico Violante, software engineer, italy 

This is such a unique concept and one that has changed my life in a massive way!

I’m a relatively new digital nomad so being surrounded by people who understand my goals and motivations and who all have so much knowledge and experience to share was so valuable to me! In three weeks I grew so much in myself and in my business (I got two new clients!) by surrounding myself with like minded, ambitious and supportive people.

The places we visited, the epic accommodations, the activities we did everything was incredible but really what makes a trip like this special is the people and Michelle and Andreas are such beautiful souls they really do attract and bring together the best people on to these trips! They are special 

If you’re just starting out like I was really this will give you such a boost to your network, skills and knowledge and most importantly the confidence to know that you really can make this digital nomad life a reality!


One call with Michelle was all it took for me to decide to take this 21-day long journey with them. And boy, am I glad I did! The experience was way much more than I had expected. Met some really beautiful souls, stayed in amazing places, learned new things and hell even learned horse-riding (one bucket-list ticked) and of course worked while doing all of this. As an independent digital professional, Nomad Escape made me experience my ideal life for 21 days! It was a great experience and I am sure, I’d join them again, maybe next time in India  Kudos to Mitchelle & Andreas for bringing such an amazing concept to life!

Namita bakhru, DIGital strategist, india 

Amazing trips focused on connecting with other nomads and forming genuine relationships.
Really great people, and I’m so glad I met them!

joe spraque, software engineer, usa.

Being surrounded by beautiful souls & inspiring people, learning & growing through the connections you make + exploring exciting places – that’s what Michelle & Andreas created with The Nomad Escape. 
I’m super grateful that I chose this experience because I’m sure it will have a lasting impact on my future.  You definitely will end this trip with new friends for life, new ideas to work on and memories which will let you smile more than once thinking back to them.

Mareike klein, relationship coach, germany

It makes all the difference in the world the people you travel with – already the set up of discovering places with people you have so much in common with is brilliant. But always having Michelle and Andreas on the trip is too good. So much laughter, meaningful conversations, curiosity and life excitement there. This is the perfect experience to get inspired and get sooo much new perspective from different places! And people!There is magic in spending so many quality hours in a row with the same people. Magic we all need. 

MARIS KOHV, RETREAT organizer, estonia

I am so grateful that I met Michelle and Andreas. They are both wonderful people that you don’t find very often in life. Time with them flies and is both deep and fun. They know what they are doing and are travellers and entrepreneurs form the heart. I made some very beautiful connections during my time with them and I’m sure it’s not going to be my last time that I’ll travel with them. Thank you guys for that amazing experience.

sylvia weinheimer, coach & brandstrategist, germany

Michelle thank you! You are a dynamo, and a big roundabout connecting us all! I had a wonderful time and so happy to have been part of the group you organised. It was a fantastic idea!

joel de portugal, chef & tour guide, portugal

1 – 14 May 2020

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👉Join in group skill shares, masterminds and learn from other top digital professionals. 
👉Enjoy stunning accommodations, epic adventures, hassle-free transport, inspiring groups sessions, wi-fi and fresh breakfast every day.

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