At The Nomad Escape, we specialize in creating and facilitating experiences that go beyond the ordinary, offering a unique blend of retreats, workshops, and team coaching designed to foster growth, inspiration, and connectivity.

Our Offers

Corporate Retreat Destinations for Team Building and Relaxation


Tailored experiences, all-inclusive service and diverse destinations.


Adaptable Formats, expert facilitators and wide range of topics.

Team Coaching

Focused on growth, customized approach and long-term benefits.

Your Partner in Growth and Development

At The Nomad Escape, we are more than just service providers; we are partners in your journey towards greater team effectiveness and personal growth. Our commitment is to deliver experiences that are not only enjoyable but also bring about real transformation and positive change.


It is scientifically proven that people who lead a more clean & active lifestyle operate at a higher frequency. As a result, are naturally more ambitious and motivated to succeed & do well.

That is why it is widely understood by companies that, Employee Vitality has a direct correlation on Company Performance.

We will work with you to implement a vitality programme that will naturally invoke higher frequency of thought from peer-to-peer, and will have an undeniable positive impact on your company’s performance.

Personal & Team Development

Facilitating an environment where personal development can flourish and teams can thrive is the work of a really intelligent employer.

Encourage ambitious and social attitudes across the workforce where initiative, communication & consistency becomes a second nature for your staff.

We support you in raising the bar as to what it takes to succeed in both your company and in life.

Company Culture

Engagements, celebrations & traditions are essential to any culture. Encompass and define your companies culture by engaging your staff in bespoke online & offline events. Reflecting on your brands identity, motives & core values.

Give your staff the ultimate edge via senses representation and belonging. We help you incorporate a tailorable and unique incentive model that your staff will collaboratively work towards achieving from the moment it launches.

Return On Investment

Investing in one of our Company Escapes can have an impact that will last long into the future. Your team will dive into an environment created to build on relationships, analyse pain points and address short comings with complete assertiveness. Within a few days your employees will transform in a more cohesive, productive, proactive, and motivated group of professionals happy to go the extra mile for their team.

From here, expect your company to confidently persevere in adapting to the paradigm shifts that the current economic situation will continue to create. Our programs are meant to provide the tools necessary to improve both as individuals as well as members of an organisation, learn and enhance soft skills, social abilities and nurture a problem solving attitude.The combination of soft and hard skills will allow your team to navigate successfully through all the challenges your company will face.

Here a list of aspects of your team we will work and improve on together:





Team Connection

Attitude to Work

Problem Solving

Soft Skills


All of these attributes contribute to the individuals efficiency and overall happiness advantage – which in turn, will reflect on the companies long term performance and results.

We have hosted individual working for companies such as

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