Remote Work Tourism,
a fast growing market to explore!

Are you a business in the tourism industry and want to:


✅ Attract digital nomads and remote workers to your location, but don’t have any experience in serving and attracting this target audience.


✅ Get a better understanding of the target audience and this market to develop or validate your business idea.


✅ Get an objective opinion on your idea, facilities, messaging, accommodation or destination and receive clear actionable advice on what you could change in order to reach your goals faster.


✅ Receive expert feedback from someone who’s helped hundreds of  remote workers and business owners finding community and destinations. 


✅ Take out all the guessing and understand what you are doing right and where you exactly could improve to attract the audience and increase your occupancy. 


✅ Understand what you are doing right and where you exactly could improve to work with this niche.


"Travel as we know it is over, and it is never coming back". - CEO Airbnb

“Michelle is a delight to work with, always enthusiastic, very flexible, and extremely motivating. 

It has been a wonderful opportunity for our work with her during these difficult times. 

We are very grateful for her hard work in securing guests for our Hotel. 
We 100% recommend Michelle as a business partner.” 

Vicky Good - Sales Manager - Holiday Inn Algarve

Here is how it works - Audit & Consultancy (starting at Euro 297 p/h)

  1. Book in a call and fill out a short questionnaire to help me understand your current questions, ideas and goals.

2. We’ll analyze your questions and ideas.

3. We’ll jump on a 60-min phone call or schedule a visit where I’ll give you tailored recommendations to help you to develop or validate your idea.

4. We can help you with property and destination audits, strategy development, training, consulting, messaging and marketing, community building and video production. 

Be a pioneer and tap into the newest and fastest growing market in the tourism industry.

‘ Do you know when you have strong convictions about a certain theme and then someone hits you with reality?

This was basically my feeling after having had the privilege to talk and discuss with Michelle, the possibility of having remote workers staying at the Quintinha de São João.

A real lesson and lot’s of food for thought, that I am now processing in order to see how to move forward.

Highly recommend the expertise and knowledge of Michelle, especially because all this comes wrapped in a very friendly and polite manner. 

André Barreto - General Manager - Quintinha de São João, Madeira Island.

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Co-Founder and CEO of The Nomad Escape.

Michelle has been a remote working social impact entrepreneur for several years, with expertise in education, business development, marketing & sales and community building. She worked with hundreds of international remote workers and business owners to help elevate their business through community and exclusive programs.