Ambassador Program

Where ever we may be in the world – you’ll work independently finding innovative ways to generate a buzz about our Escapes within your network.


This is an incredible opportunity to utilise any skills and academic knowledge you may have, or gain valuable work experience in PR or marketing and earn a generous amount doing whilst so.

Also if you have a (professional) network, audience or following on
social media , mailing list, have an online community, write blogposts, have a facebook group or type of other networks, this is the perfect way to monetise it! 

You’ll get access to our affiliate program, content and the ability to utilise our social media accounts too.


for each sale

20% OFF


You’ll earn 10% commission for each sale generated, paid weekly and have the opportunity to join our retreats at a huge 20% off the experience (once you’ve brought in 1 referral). 

The price range of our experience is from Euro 1649 – Euro 499 so you can make up to Euro 169 per referral! This is MASSIVE!

Our #NomadEscapers leave with endless amounts of valuable knowledge they can use to further grow their business.

(This is not a job with a fixed salary. This is an opportunity for anyone who wants to monetise their network through a referral program).

See below videos about our upcoming event and about what we do.

The Nomad Escape hosts Business & Self Development Retreats for remote working professionals,
entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, digital nomads, creatives or anyone who want to become one!

When you join one of our Escapes…

You’ll spend an inspiring time with an inspiring group of like-minded pro’s
✅ You’ll boost your skills, network and business massively 

✅ You’ll join skill shares, masterminds and inspiring group-sessions 
✅ You’ll stay in an amazing exclusive accommodations at stunning destinations

✅ You’ll come out with new energy, ideas, a golden tan and friends for life  


Click on the button below to apply. Fill out the form, telling us a little about yourself, your background and your ideas to promote The Nomad Escape.

We are passionate about having brand ambassadors who are share our vision and focus of empowering and supporting like minded digital nomads. For this reason we can only endorse a select few ambassadors.

We receive a high volume of applications and aim to reply within 48 hours.