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Sandra Torres works at the crossroads of tech, science, and healthcare. Currently based in the Chicago, IL USA area, she's passionate about bridging the gap between science and business. A passionate traveler, she seeks to connect with like-minded people and with those that have constantly redefined what success means to them.

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Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, United States

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Escaper (€0 - €250k)
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Less than a Year

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My specific challenges at the current moment are lead generation for both sides of my business--
1) leads on early stage (some funding) scientist-founded companies in need of a part-time or fractional sales and business development executive for their business
2) research academics (MS level-degree or higher) looking to pivot out of academia into the public or private sector. I am also finding it challenging to find and connect with other business owners that are just starting their entrepreneurial journey, especially while balancing their full-time day jobs as well.

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