Our services

From SMEs to Fortune 500 companies – We specialize in enriching forward-thinking companies & their staff with a healthy work-life-play balance. We boost your team’s productivity and increase the happiness of your employees.
Online & Offline.

Virtual Events and Retreats

Bring your staff together for the most exciting and engaging group online experience.

The perfect setting to engage and inspire your teams. Action packed with lightening activities, team building exercises, knowledge based workshops and keynote speakers.

Complete with mindfulness, fitness and all the other relevant content you wish to engage and expose them to.

Company Retreats

We offer a proven, turn-key-solution in bringing your staff together in a professional, social and majestic offline environment.

Work with our team to design a cultural company event that enables your team to reach optimal performance and results.

From internal relationships, to better communication or project development, this experience will meet all your company needs.

 Online Community

Continue building the connection and become a member of our exclusive and diverse global online community.

Here is where magic, ideas and business comes to life thanks to likeminded businesses, organisations and individuals .

In The Escapes Club, we host highly valuable weekly live workshops for you and your staff to expand your horizons and facing challenges head on.

We have hosted employees from:

The pillars to our program

We host & facilitate your remote teams in a truly curated & engaging environment, both online & in real life.

In all our programs, activities, and formats, we get guidance and inspiration from three main Pillars, a collection of concepts that resembles and embodies our passions, values and proposition.


It is scientifically proven that people who lead a more clean & active lifestyle operate at a higher frequency. As a result, are naturally more ambitious and motivated to succeed & do well. 

That is why it is widely understood by companies that, Employee Vitality has a direct correlation on Company Performance. 

We will work with you to implement a vitality programme that will naturally invoke higher frequency of thought from peer-to-peer, and will have an undeniable positive impact on your company’s performance.

Personal & Team Development

Facilitating an environment where personal development can flourish and teams can thrive is the work of a really intelligent employer.

Encourage ambitious and social attitudes across the workforce where initiative, communication & consistency becomes a second nature for your staff.

We support you in raising the bar as to what it takes to succeed in both your company and in life.

Company Culture

Engagements, celebrations & traditions are essential to any culture. Encompass and define your companies culture by engaging your staff in bespoke online & offline events. Reflecting on your brands identity, motives & core values. 

Give your staff the ultimate edge via senses representation and belonging. We help you incorporate a tailorable and unique incentive model that your staff will collaboratively work towards achieving from the moment it launches.

Return On Investment

Investing in one of our Company Escapes can have an impact that will last  long into the future. Your team will dive into an environment created to build on relationships, analyse pain points and address short comings with complete assertiveness. Within a few days your employees will transform in a more cohesive, productive, proactive, and motivated group of professionals happy to go the extra mile for their team.

From here, expect your company to confidently persevere in adapting to the paradigm shifts that the current economic situation will continue to create.  Our programs are meant to provide the tools necessary to improve both as individuals as well as members of an organisation, learn and enhance soft skills, social abilities and nurture a problem solving attitude.The combination of soft and hard skills will allow your team to navigate successfully through all the challenges your company will face.

Here a list of aspects of your team we will work and improve on together:



Problem Solving




Soft Skills

Team Connection




Attitude to Work



All of these attributes contribute to the individuals efficiency and overall happiness advantage – which in turn, will reflect on the companies long term performance and results. 

What people say about us

It is very hard to sum up this experience in a few words.  It’s fun, it’s therapy, it’s being productive, it’s learning new things, new skills, seeing new and beautiful things, staying in amazing accommodations and having everything organized for you so you can just focus on the growth specified above.

Raluca Marcu

Software Engineer

 The Nomad Escape team thinks of EVERYTHING! The individuals complemented each of our professional skills and I learned so much about myself and my work. I was able to re-focus, re-charge and re-build my business . I’m confident it was game-changing growth for me and all my fellow ‘Escapers’!

Derek Smith

PR & Communication

This is such a unique concept and one that has changed my life in a massive way! Being surrounded by people who understand my goals and motivations and who all have so much knowledge and experience to share was so valuable! In a week I grew so much in myself and in my career by surrounding myself with the right people.

Erin Butler

Digital Marketer