Dearest super team & community ❤️


(please take a minute to read this, I really hope this reaches you well)

I am currently sitting in the plane, on my way back from The Netherlands to Madeira and can’t wait to be back at the island again.

I am taking this time to write you a personal message and say thank you from the bottom of my heart…

In the last year(s) you have been involved in a way as a support to our company, community, events and growth.

Looking back, it was a turbulent, but in my opinion a successful year. Not per se in financial resources, but defining success in terms of impact: We have impacted peoples lives by inspiring them and bringing them together. Opening doors, opportunities, inspiration and connections for individuals that would have never been opened if they did not joined us or followed us. And that is what we do it for: Showing people what is possible in life if you take action and surround yourself with the right people.

As a bootstrapping travel-related company, we are still standing, even though our dearest friend Covid slapped us many times in the face.

Also, personal challenges came along and a period of 4 months burn out, but as well, we managed to overcome them.

And that is one thing that we are learning and supporting each other in in our community: Resilience. We are all taking the path of adventure and uncertainty, but also contribution and purpose. Which makes life beautiful and worth of living, I believe. 💪🏽

In the last year(s) you have been involved in a way as a support to our company, community, events and growth.

So, what’s next?

Behind the scenes, we are working hard on building systems, teams, and development to head into 2022 and grow further. In the last year, we have hosted 6 escapes, the first edition of the Nomad Island Fest, and launched an online community.

Things to be proud of looking at the circumstances and the hard-to-scale business model. For the upcoming year, I decided to simplify, work first on solving bottlenecks before developing new things, to increase the quality of what we are already doing, and from there on, create more.

For you to know what we are working on and aiming for in 2022:

  1. Have systems and teams in place to increase exposure and lead generation at the end of Q1
  2. Grow the community to 500 members at the end of 2022
  3. Improve the messaging and positioning by the end of Q2
  4. Hosting 4 Escapes in 2022: Increase the package pricing + the size of the groups by 20%
  5. Hosting the second edition of The Nomad Island fest with 100 participants in Q3
  6. Work intensely with 5 global strategic partners with aligned values by the end of Q2

When this all is in place and set, we are aiming to create niche escapes and expanding teams and launching company and team retreats. After this stage, when it is all an oiled machine, I will consider to be open to potential investors / partners to explore scaling opportunities.


Personally I will be working on:

  1. Developing my skills in building and managing teams
  2. Developing a more impactful program and methods for our events and retreats
  3. Becoming a better facilitator and leader
  4. Spend time on hobbies and new adventures: Develop my Dj Skills, spend more time in nature and spend more time on physical and mental health.

I have learned last year to not push things, invest in growing the community and network, work towards the goals by being focussed on process, learning by feedback of the community. All of this while not being distracted by new regulations or what ‘competitors’ do and think…

If you want to be or stay involved, I am always open to talk. Everything is possible I believe. However, if it does not fit in the strategy or provides what the company needs now, it will be reconsidered in a later stage.

I wish you and your loved ones magical and inspirational holidays. 🥂 Take the time to reflect and look back at the things you learned, gained and achieved.

I want to thank you for believing in the mission and the purpose of The Nomad Escape.
Without you guys it would be different. And even though we are currently working together, or we chose a different path during the last year, you’ve contributed and want to say THANK YOU! 🙏🏼

Stay awesome.
The only way is up!

xoxo Michelle


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