Travel with our crew to explore, co-work, relax and create content together! Play your favourite songs, absorb the views and stop whenever you feel like to take that beautiful picture!

Every few days we travel to a new location where we’ve arranged one-of-a-kind accommodations and amazing outdoor activities that help you relax and push your boundaries at the same time.

We like to travel  with a small group of 9 people, to make it easier to connect and create the feeling of being on the road with your friends.

WHAT is included?


Travel with people who understand your lifestyle, life goals and ambitious mind. Share skills, do masterminds and learn from others.


We stay in a variety of carefully selected accommodations. Perfect to hang out with our group, relax or get some work done. We have a WIFI router to help you connect asap!


Your nomad life is busy enough!
Let us do all the hard work and spend your precious time on other things.


 We travel in a brand Renault Traffic. We do all the driving for you. Absorb amazing views and have the flexibility to stop wherever you want.


Exploring the outdoors, inner city or the depth of nature, we got you covered. We do things that make you forget to check your phone and enjoy the moment!


We love to travel but we are driven online professionals. We share skills, brainstorm and do workshops to grow your network and skillset!


After the deadline the price will be €1499

Want to reserve your seat? Only pay a 20% deposit to reserve your seat and the outstanding amount 2 weeks before the trips starts!   

Because we travel with a group we are able to create special collaborations with the places we travel to.

I have had an amazing experience with Michelle and Andreas. From the first moment we’ve met there was a special connection. They both are very easy going and have this talent of bringing people together in a natural way. I have spend an great week with Michelle and Andreas full of inspiring talks, good laughs and exploring cool places. I can really recommend spending time with them and let their experiences and vision inspire you. Thanks guys for everything!



Is this a retreat or a road trip?

This is not a retreat but a very comfortable way of traveling with a group of like-minded people. A trip with us means traveling between different destinations. We travel by a comfortable Renault traffic minibus or 2 SUV’s, depending on the location where we travel. We stay between 2 and 4 days in each location and accommodation. This is a road trip with enough time between the driving to relax and get some work done. We do group activities focussed on personal and professional development and to work on team building such as cooking together and doing skill shares.

How many hours can I work?

There will be enough time to get some work done but we advise to work max. 20 – 25 hours a week during our trip. You ARE on a trip, visit amazing places with amazing people and we want you to enjoy it to the fullest! You can work more, but we would not recconmend that. 

During the trip we work with a shared Google calendar so you can see when we are driving or have an activity. At the beginning of the trip we discuss with the group how we can arrange doing work together around the same working hours so we have the time off together. Many people work also in the car while we are traveling. We always listen to everyones preferences and schedule and try to make it work as good as we can. Calls and work has to be done, we understand that, we are nomads ourselves after all. 

What type of people will join the trip?

Our trips are designed for digital nomads, remote workers, online entrepreneurs, freelancers or anyone who wants to become one.
The age of the people who travel with us is between 22 and 40 years old. We traveled with software developers, digital marketers, project managers, virtual assistents, music producers, videographers, photographers, bloggers, graphic designers, copywriters and many more.

How do the accommodations we stay in look like?

We mostly stay in beuatful private air bnb houses or appartments,sometimes a luxury hostel or holiday park. We choose for a variety of different and unique accomodations where we can cook togteher, get work done, hang out on the couch to watch a movie or have nice chats and drinks, to create that ultimate group feeling. Depending on the accomodation we have a private room, shared rooms with double and single beds.


Do I have a private room or do I need to share a room?

Mostly you will share a room with one of the other nomads since it is very hard to find private houses with 9 separate rooms. Depending on the accommodation where we stay we have a private room, shared rooms with double and single beds.

What is included in the trips?

Logistics, planning, transport, accomodation and the activities that we have planned in the itinerary. We have a WIFI router that connects up to 15 devices. We will do our best to provide internet as good as possible. We can not ensure that the reception works perfectly fine on the road. This depends on the area we travel through. After the trip you will receive an after movie of your epic adventure that you are free to use however you want! 

What is not included in the trips?

Flights to and from the start and end of your road trip. Travel Insurance, Visas, Employment and daily meals. 

How long is the travel time?

The driving time varies between 60 minutes and 5 hours. The avarage travel time is 2 hours. We don’t drive everyday and on the days we do drive we will have breaks during the longer drives so you are not too long stuck in a car. Some days we don’t drive and stay in one place. The perfect mix to chill, get work done and explore the area.

What other costs can I expect?

Costs for meals, groceries, all activities that you decide to do yourself that are not included in the itinerary. 

Is food and a chef included?

We share a ‘food kitty’ with the group to do groceries together. Part of the experience is that we cook together. This creates a team bonding and we can try different flavours of different cultures, and gain so much inspiration for new meals . We also go out for dinner many times, this depends on the preference and budget of the group. The avarage spending on food for 21 days is between Euro 300 and 500. This is excluding snacks and alcohol. 

Can the trip be cancelled?

We can only start the trip with a full group of 9 people to cover costs and make sure the group is big enough to create nice vibes and dynamics. That is why we have a deadline of 2 weeks before the trip for people to sign up. If we don’t have a complete group we will refund the deposit that is made. 

Why can only 9 people join?

Because we choose for small groups that travel like a group of friends together. The bigger the group, the harder it gets to connect with everyone. 

What size luggage can I bring?

We travel in a minivan and have limited luggage space. You can bring one mid size suitcase and of course your day bag or laptop bag. 

How does the payment work?

Commitment is essential for our planning. At least 2 months before we start out trip we need to book the accomodations and the activities. That is why we need to ask for a 20% deposit. The full payment is only due 14 days in prior to departure for covering the costs for renting our transport, fuel and planning. 

How is it possible that these trips are so much cheaper than road trips of other travel agencies?

Because we are a video production company: We did all the networking with them to create videos of their business in exchange of our services.

Am I insured during the trip?

We have a travel insurance that covers costst if something would happen on the trip. As soon as you do activities on your own you are not insured within our insurance. We advice you to have your own travel insurance. 

What do I need to bring on the trip?

You need to bring your regular travel stuff in a small suitcase/backpack like clothing, comfy shoes to do some walks and your laptop if you want to work (but don’t have to! We also had people who only want to have a break but still want to travel with people who understands their lifestyle.)