The Nomad Escape, a Business & Network Club, is transforming the concept of business retreats, offering unique experiences that foster real human connections, stimulate creativity, and enhance teamwork among remote professionals. Despite the complexities of planning such events, The Nomad Escape provides a solution that balances work, leisure, and personal growth in exotic locations.

In the era of remote work, business retreats, particularly in exotic locations, have emerged as a powerful tool for companies. These retreats foster real human connections, allowing team members to see each other beyond their virtual avatars and form stronger bonds. This enhanced team dynamic fuels creativity and innovation, as the change of scenery and break from the usual work environment can lead to fresh perspectives and ideas. These retreats also serve as a platform for open communication and collaboration. Through various activities and exercises, team members gain insights into each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and working styles, leading to improved teamwork and productivity.



Join the Nomad Island Fest: Our 7-day life-changing experience in Madeira from 1 – 7 Dec 2023.

The Benefits

The benefits extend to employee well-being as well. The change of environment, combined with leisure activities and relaxation time, helps employees de-stress and recharge, improving performance and job satisfaction. This unique perk of company retreats in exotic locations can attract potential employees and retain existing talent, showing that the company values its employees and is willing to invest in their personal and professional development.

Moreover, retreats play a crucial role in building and reinforcing a strong company culture. They provide an opportunity for employees to align with the company’s values and mission in a relaxed and informal setting. They also promote a healthy work-life balance by providing a clear distinction between work and leisure time, a benefit particularly crucial for remote teams.

Retreats often involve team-building activities that require collaboration and problem-solving, enhancing skills crucial for the success of any team. Furthermore, the anticipation of something exciting and different, like an offsite event, can increase employee engagement, leading to improved performance and productivity.

About The Nomad Escape:

Four years ago, Michelle Maree was at the beginning of her journey with her own digital marketing agency, which led her to Bali, a popular destination for remote workers and solopreneurs. However, instead of finding a collaborative environment, she discovered that everyone was engrossed in their own work, with little interaction or mutual support. Intrigued by this, Maree began to ask others about their experiences and found that she wasn’t alone in her feelings of stagnation and isolation. This realization led her to pivot her career. She decided to create learning environments for people like herself, understanding the importance of having the right people around who can relate to your life goals, business ideas, and lifestyle design aspirations.

This was the genesis of The Nomad Escape, a platform that fosters collaboration and mutual growth among remote workers and digital entrepreneurs. The Nomad Escape is more than just a Business & Network Club. It’s a haven for location-independent professionals, entrepreneurs, and teams. The concept of a corporate event is reimagined here, transformed into a cozy, playful, and transformative experience that combines personal growth, business development, and learning, all set within the breathtaking beauty of exotic locations.

This unique format offers teams an extraordinary adventure spanning several days. This experience is a fusion of professional development, personal growth, team building, fitness, relaxation, and entertainment, all condensed into a single, unforgettable journey. This is an ideal solution for remote teams longing for physical connection and caters to companies aiming to cultivate a culture of care, merit, learning, and fun for their employees.

The Nomad Escape organizes retreats and hybrid events in exotic locations, with an emphasis on enhancing professional networks, developing skills, and fostering growth mindsets. The focus is not on pitching, business cards, or suits, but on fostering authentic connections with like-minded individuals.

With a track record of hosting thousands of professionals on 30 retreats, The Nomad Escape has hosted individuals working with renowned brands such as Apple, Google, Nike, JP Morgan, and KPMG. These retreats have spanned various exotic locations, including Tulum in Mexico, Bali in Indonesia, Madeira in Portugal, Estonia, Spain, Italy, and Dubai.

These are far from ordinary corporate events; they are designed to engage professionals in a unique adventure that integrates work and fun in a unique way. This is an ideal solution for remote teams eager to gather in a physical setting, as well as for companies seeking a break from their virtual office.

In addition to team retreats, The Nomad Escape also organizes retreats for individual remote working professionals and entrepreneurs. These events bring online professionals together offline through a variety of networking events and mastermind retreats, offering a unique and effective solution to the challenges of organizing business retreats.

Join us at Level up club business retreat in Madeira, Portugal for seven days of work, play, and learning.

  • You can expect to learn about how to travel as a digital nomad, how travel has changed over the years and what it will look like in the future. You’ll also get an insight into the psychology of a nomadic lifestyle and how you can apply these learnings to your own life.
  • You’ll have time away from work so you can enjoy this beautiful island with other digital nomads while still networking with others who share similar interests. We’re talking activities like surfing lessons or relaxing on our private beach!
  • This event is all about meeting new people—you might meet someone who becomes your best friend or finds out about their project that could help yours grow! You might even find out about some cool businesses or services that would make great additions to your portfolio.
  • After this event ends we plan on having another one soon after so stay tuned for more information!
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