I see you, scrolling through Pinterest dreaming up your travel plans to Bali and maybe you’re looking for digital nomad jobs, so you can travel the world as you please.


In today’s post I’m sharing 8 digital nomad jobs, so you can travel the world full-time. 


Marketing and PR


1. Freelance Digital Marketer


If you’re skilled in social media marketing, SEO or paid ads, you can become a freelance digital marketer. You can offer your services by sending cold emails to companies, joining marketing recruitment agencies or applying to remote working jobs boards. 


2. PR and advertising


Got experience in PR or advertising? You can offer PR services to companies that might need help with press releases, articles and email newsletters. 


3. Social media management


If you’re social media savvy, you can help businesses grow their social media accounts. 


4. Digital Strategy & Consulting


If you enjoy helping others grow their audience online with pinterest marketing, SEO, content creation, then you can offer consulting. 


One of our nomads, Victoria Hockaday is a launch strategist and she helps course creators grow their audience and create and sell online courses. She’s also a pro blogger and she writes informative blog posts including how to start a blog, pinterest tips and selling digital products.


“I started helping course creators launch online courses with my launch strategy sessions. I’ve helped people create a strategy for their launches from creating a webinar to mapping out their launch email sequences. Then, I noticed that a lot of aspiring course creators didn’t have an engaged email list to launch an online course. So, I started learning about pinterest marketing, email marketing and email list building. And things snowballed from there, I started getting more clients from blogging and pinterest”.




5. Business Coach


If you enjoy helping people grow and you’re interested in coaching, you can become a business coach. Even though you don’t need a certificate to become a business coach, corporate experience or years of being an entrepreneur can give you credibility if you’re starting out. 


6. Life Coach


If you’re interested in coaching and helping people get unstuck, you can become a life coach. Coaching is a lower barrier to entry and you can get a life coaching certification from Martha Beck or Beautiful You Coaching Academy.




7. Graphic Designer


If you have a passion for visual design, you can become a graphic designer. Graphic designers are well needed and they’re a great option for remote working. 


8. Website Designer


If you have a passion for website design, you can design companies websites. Again, you can send cold emails to companies, ask your friends if they know anyone who needs a website, or you can create posts in Facebook groups.


9. Developer


Web designers work on how a website looks, while a front-end developer then use HTML, CSS and Javascript to code design into the website.


10. Software Developer


If you’re a software developer working for a company, you can become a freelance software developer. Weworkremotely and Remoteok.io are two job boards lists for software developers. 


And that’s it! 


Did I miss out on any remote jobs that will allow you to work and travel? Let’s chat!