Dear team & community,

(please take a minute to read this, I really hope this reaches you well)

I am currently sitting in the plane, on my way to Tenerife to retreat myself after a beautiful and turbulent year.

As we bring in the New Year, I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for each and every one of you.

Your contribution, dedication, and commitment to our shared goals have been an invaluable asset to our community, and I am grateful to have you by my side as we continue to grow and succeed.

The past year has brought its share of challenges, but I have been continually impressed by your resilience, adaptability and unconditional support. You have all shown an unwavering commitment to our vision and your positive attitude and willingness to go above and beyond has been instrumental in our success.

I am grateful for the support, collaboration, and camaraderie that we have shared as a team and community, and I am confident that we will continue to thrive and achieve great things together in the coming year.



Our 7-day life-changing experience in Madeira from 12 – 18 Apr 2024.

So let’s look back: What did we accomplish in 2022?

  • We doubled our revenue compared to 2021 and reinvested it back in growing a team and building systems.
  • We hosted our first business retreats outside of Europe, in Mexico and created an amazing network in this part of the world.
  • Our vision became more clear and achieved milestones within 6 months of writing these down.
  • We’ve attracted world-class speakers for Nomad Island Fest 2022 and received a 5 out of 5 rating from our guests.
  • We have hosted 7 business retreats and added 300+ new members to the community.
  • We have expanded our team with new members and guided our first intern.
  • We launched the expansion team – A beta project team for global event hosts
  • We launched the BUILD Beta – program – An online accountability and accelerator program for people who want to ‘Build’ a new project and go to the next level.
  • We planned our first Escape in Asia, in Bali in February 2022.

Things to be proud of looking at the circumstances and the hard-to-scale business model.

So, what’s next?

First recovering from a hard lesson learned: Scaling a team does not equal scaling your results. I grew the team too fast, making the rookie mistake that I made my calculations based on the size of the team and the output it should have given, and as a result of that I have to take a step back and make the team more lean, for the health of the company and community.

To work on it, I hired a business & financial coach who is helping me decrease expenses and increase output.

For the upcoming year, we have for now two Escapes on the official planning: Bali in February and Nomad Island Fest in December. We won’t over rush planning in our next escapes, As I need time to zoom out and create new strategies on how we can keep on growing our community and keep on adding value.

What do I envision for the upcoming year? At the end of 2023 we have:

  • Launched and grew the BUILD program to 100 members
  • Optimised and templated the launch, preparation and execution of our retreats
  • Implemented a membership / loyalty program for Alumni
  • Became a content first company: Attracting the right target audience through valuable content
  • A Lean team and management: Simplify processes and structures.
  • Served the B2B market: Company & Remote Team retreats
  • Executed Founders Only-retreats
  • Build online products for all the segments in our community

Like I have learned last year, do not push things, invest in growing the community and network, work towards the goals by being focussed on process, learning by feedback of the community.

All of this while not being distracted by new regulations or what ‘competitors’ do and think…

If you want to be or stay involved, I am always open to talk. Everything is possible I believe. However, if it does not fit in the strategy or provides what the company needs now, it will be reconsidered in a later stage.

I wish you and your loved ones magical and inspirational 2023. 🥂 Take the time to reflect and look back at the things you learned, gained and achieved.

I want to thank you for believing in the mission and the purpose of The Nomad Escape.

Without you guys it would be different. And even though we are currently working together, or we chose a different path during the last year, you’ve contributed and want to say THANK YOU! 🙏🏼

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  • This event is all about meeting new people—you might meet someone who becomes your best friend or finds out about their project that could help yours grow! You might even find out about some cool businesses or services that would make great additions to your portfolio.
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