In a recent, noteworthy development, Michelle Maree, the dynamic Founder and CEO of The Nomad Escape, has been inducted into the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council. This exclusive community is reserved for top-tier business and career coaches, marking it a significant recognition for Michelle’s unwavering commitment and contributions to her field.



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A Rigorous Selection

Gaining a spot in the Forbes Coaches Council is no small feat. Members undergo a stringent selection process, where they are evaluated based on the depth and diversity of their experiences. Criteria include a proven track record of positively influencing business growth and notable personal and professional achievements. Michelle’s acceptance underscores her remarkable journey, emphasizing both her vast knowledge and its successful real-world application.

The Opportunities Ahead

With this membership, Michelle will tap into a plethora of unique opportunities. She now joins an elite group of industry leaders, participating in valuable networking events that foster collaborative growth and knowledge exchange. Additionally, she will share her rich expertise through original articles on, contributing to Expert Panels alongside other distinguished professionals.

Implications for The Nomad Escape

The ethos of The Nomad Escape, which revolves around the transformative power of relationships and connections in professional evolution, aligns seamlessly with this new journey. Michelle’s philosophy, “The who is the how,” has always been central to the experiences curated at The Nomad Escape. With her inclusion in the Forbes Coaches Council, there’s an amplified promise of delivering even richer experiences to the global community of remote professionals, digital nomads, and visionary business owners.

Reflecting on this achievement, Michelle states, “Being part of the Forbes Coaches Council magnifies our mission at The Nomad Escape. This association not only brings recognition but also bridges us to a vast reservoir of knowledge and opportunities, setting the stage for unparalleled growth.”

A Closer Look at Forbes Councils

For those unacquainted, Forbes Councils is an assembly of exclusive communities, born from the collaboration between Forbes and the masterminds behind the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC). It’s a nexus where distinguished business professionals unite, leveraging shared experiences and resources. To delve deeper, visit the Forbes Councils website.



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