+ Alumni Reunion

Madeira Island, Portugal

13 - 20 November 2021

8-days |   Personal & Professional development  | Relax & Connect

Get Yourself Ready For

the #1 Nomad Island Fest Of 2021!

🚀 Are you an ambitious and driven entrepreneur, freelancer or remote worker or want to become one?

 💬 Are you craving to connect with like-minded people who understand your ambitious mind, lifestyle and drive?

🧠 Do you love to learn from others, brainstorm about business ideas and challenges and work on personal and professional growth?

🏝 Do you like to get pampered, relax and stay for 8 days on a paradise island, waking up everyday surrounded by wellness and botanical gardens? 

 This is for YOU! 💯

The Destination:
Madeira Island

Welcome to PARADISE! Madeira is a Portuguese Island, known as the Hawaii of Europe and is famous for her incredible natural pools carved out of lava rocks, gorgeous cliffs overlooking the ocean, and charming towns.

What to expect of this Escape?

This edition will be slightly different than our previous 17 editions, which is normally limited to groups of 12 participants.

This time we aim for a minimum of 75 participants which makes it BIGGER, BETTER and MORE FUN!

We booked the best DJ of the island, dance our buts off, host speed networking sessions, mastermind sessions, and of course we will explore the stunning island!

Let us surprise you with a mind-blowing yet relaxing program where you can meet the other Escapers and do everything what your ambitious heart desires.

* The program is subject due to changes, but we will keep you updates about the further program!





Grow your Skills, Network and Business in a FUN way!

No boring conference rooms, formal networking and business cards. Here you can work on your personal and professional growth on your bare feet and swimwear!

Enjoy the tranquility of the island life and meet inspiring Digital Nomads, Remote Workers, Entrepreneurs, Startup Founders and Freedom seekers and experience 8 unforgettable days full of growth!

Some examples of what alumni got out of our Escapes: 

🚀 Johan started his executive coaching business during the week with us. As a result of our network he found 2 new clients and due to his new network he generated 3 other clients, valued at Euro 16K.

🚀 Dave is a FB Ads Specialist and found a new client, valued at USD 50K through one instagram story he was published in. 

🚀 Desphina works as a midwife and wants to work remotely. After joining us she felt empowered to start her own coaching business to be able to work remotely and still make an impact on people.

🚀 Susan is creating her new coliving space in the north of Portugal. She wanted to come out with new energy and inspiration after a period of feeling burned out and demotivated. She found the sparkle again after joining us and got back on track! 

🚀 Daniel is a software engineer and works for 12 years for the same company. His biggest dream is to start a travel blog and inspire people to live a location-independent lifestyle. After the Escape he launched his blog and is inspiring German professionals to leave the office and go remote.

🚀 Luca is a Data Scientist and dreamt for years to quit his job and do what he is passionate about: Giving workshops focussed on personal and professional growth. After the Escape Luca quit his job and started his own workshop facilitation business. 

🚀 Hanna is an inbound marketing and automation expert. She was looking for solutions on how to scale her business. During our experience she got input from the others on how to take the first steps and now she hired a team which takes away all the small tasks so she can focus on the bigger picture.

And we have 157 more stories like these! 

One on the most rejuvenating experiences of my life!
Being around likeminded intellects with a passion for being progressive does something to you & your perspective that you can only experience for yourself.

An escape from breaking free from the deadly norm, a gateway for discovery that will re-spark your creative life. Something truly special & magic. ✨ Can’t wait for the next chapter! 📖

Marcus Morley Jones

Serial Entrepreneur

We have hosted 170+ professionals on 17 Escapes working with companies such as

Who will I spend my week with?

Our escapes are designed for (online) entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, remote workers, creatives, digital nomads, or anyone who needs a change or is starting up their (location) independent career. 

We have hosted 170+ international remote workers in the age range between 22-65 years old, from all paths of life, with inspiring life stories, such as:

🚀 Digital Marketers & Media Buyers

📈 Business coaches & mentors

🎯 E-commerce business owners

🥂 Content Creators & Influencers

💻 Software engineers & tech professionals

🏋🏼‍♂️ Start-up founders

💵 Crypto Investors & Traders

⏰ Business Development & Project Managers

🧘🏻‍♀️ Health & Vitality professionals

🎨 Artists, musicians and creatives

... and so much more! 

The Accomodation:

 Surround yourself with Wellness & Botanical Gardens

Picture yourself waking up in a charming village, deep in beautiful authentic botanical gardens, with more than 1000 species of different plants, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Our accommodation has an indoor and outdoor pool, an incredible SPA with hammam and Finnish sauna and a fitness centre.

You will stay in a remote work friendly garden view studio, with kitchen, wifi and indoor our outdoor workspace. 

How our location looks like?


The Nomad Escape higlights

Connect with like-minded people
Join inspiring  group sessions 
Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!
Outdoors & Activities

Max. 100 tickets available! Only 79 Left

Tickets are selling FAST. Our Alumni members get the first access. Apply asap to secure your spot.

Claim the Early bird price! Apply before 30 Sept.

Early bird pricing is only available until 30 September. After the price goes up with Euro 400 per package.

Limited beds available! Apply before 30 Sept.

The accommodation does have max 80 beds available for us. For the FULL experience we recommend to stay and play!


We're excited that you're interested in joining us!
We are known for putting the best groups of professionals together through our curation process.
If you want to become part of the Escapers Family, please apply here to find out if you will be invited for a video call.
Based on your motivation, drive and mindset you will be selected.

Apply BEFORE 30 SEPTEMBER to get the Early Bird Price and reserve accommodation!

You missed out!


Fill Out The Application

(2 Mins)


We Review Your Application

(48 hours)


Quick Phone Interview

(15 Minutes)


See If You're Approved!


Pay 50% deposit to secure your spot


🏝 Local

Join the Escape as a local! Join the full program, excluding meals and accommodation.

€ 499 pp

Pay only €249.50 today 
(excl. 2.9% Stripe fee)
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Join daily fitness bootcamps
  • Get inspired! Join all sessions and workshops
  • Use all facilities in the wellness resort
  • Work in the co-working space

👫 Bring a friend 

Introduce a new member to our community and share a studio. Book both spots now and get both Euro 250 off! 

€ 995 pp

Pay only €624.50 today 
(excl. 2.9% Stripe fee)
  • Daily breakfast buffet & Daily buffet dinner
  • Stay in a garden view twin-share studio 
  • Join daily fitness bootcamps
  • Get inspired! Join all sessions and workshops
  • Use all facilities in the wellness resort
  • Work in the co-working space

👯‍♂️ Shared Studio

Create new friendships with other Alumni Escapers and share a twin studio together. We try to put you together with another Escaper that you already know. 

€ 1249 pp

Pay only €624.50 today 
(excl. 2.9% Stripe fee)
  • Daily breakfast buffet & Daily buffet dinner
  • Stay in a garden view twin-share studio 
  • Join daily fitness bootcamps
  • Get inspired! Join all sessions and workshops
  • Use all facilities in the wellness resort
  • Work in the co-working space

🧘🏻‍♀️ Private Studio

Perfect for the ones who want to network and play by day, but need me-time at the end of the day.

€ 1649 pp

Pay only €824.50 today 
(excl. 2.9% Stripe fee)
  • Daily breakfast buffet & Daily buffet dinner
  • Stay in a private gardenview studio
  • Join daily fitness bootcamps
  • Get inspired! Join all sessions and workshops
  • Use all facilities in the wellness resort
  • Work in the co-working space

Interested in a tailored company retreat for your team? Contact us here.


Refer a friend and get 10% cash

Need Travel 


Meet Maria Young, your personal travel consultant.

She is happy to help you with all your questions, helping you find the most easy and cheap ways to travel, book your flights and transport and provides you all the information regarding COVID-19!


Michelle Maree

Founder & Facilitator

Michelle is a community builder, facilitator, social impact entrepreneur and the founder of The Nomad Escape. 

She has hosted over 150 mastermind sessions and loves to connect people with a valuable network in a fun and informal way. She helps her community elevate their business or career through connecting them with inspiring network of like-minded individuals during her exclusive business and self development programs at The Nomad Escape. 

Marcus Morley Jones
Health & Vitality Coach

Marcus is an experienced vitality coach and entrepreneur from the UK. He is the founder of  ICON Performance & Vitality is a multinational health & fitness support network from the UK.

ICON & Partners use the power of Sports Therapy & Medicine by working closely with biofeedback laboratories, clinical nutritionist & other industry specialist to deliver a comprehensive solution for individuals and corporate wellbeing programmes.

🇮🇹 Luca Vavassori

Host & Facilitator

Luca helps online entrepreneurs and remote work-focused companies to develop their next steps by shaping strategies and hosting workshops. Previously a Data Scientist & consultant for one of the Big4 Consulting Firms and is the founder of Resolut Workshops. 

🇵🇹 Tiago Olim
Experience Creator & Host

Tiago is an experience creator & hospitality ambassador within the premium beverage market & tourism.
He is passionate about creating the best experiences for our guests and knows as no one else to focus on the small details and creating the perfect ambiance for the best costumer experience. 

🇺🇦 Oleksandra Gipsh

Leadership & Group Dynamics

Oleksandra is the co-founder of a successful digital marketing agency that is focused on user acquisition for mobile app developers. She is passionate about growing teams and has lived in Berlin for last 7 years and is digital nomad since 2020. She is an experienced digital entrepreneur and ready to share her knowledge with our community. 

My Nguyen
 Confidence Mentor & Startup Enthusiast

My is an Associate Director for the world’s best A.I speech recognition tech startup in San Francisco. She moved to Lisbon in early 2021 to start her digital nomad journey.
Besides her passion for scaling a startup, her heart beats for empowering people through music and dancing. She helps people uncover their deepest fears and desires, connect with them and let go of their insecurities, and limiting beliefs. 

🇧🇪 Sandra Abroux

Experience Designed

Sandra is an experience designer and life adventurer! Her mission is to create unforgettable human experiences thanks to her eye for details and her passion for human beings. She’s passionate about coliving, community building and travels. She’s a digital nomad and freelancing within the coliving industry. She does market research and designs resident experiences in coliving. 

🇫🇮 Natty Lilja
 Digital Marketing & Community support

Everyone knows Natty as our 'Chatty Natty'. Natty is a endless traveler. She lives the 'van-life' and works from anywhere where her van brings her and helps other travelers find a way to monetize their lifestyle via entrepreneurship. She works as a freelancer and supports small startups with marketing and SEO services. .

Derek Smith - Canada
PR & Communication 

 "The Nomad Escape team thinks of EVERYTHING! The individuals complemented each of our professional skills and I learned so much about myself and my work. I was able to re-focus, re-charge and re-build my business with the help of nine other super-talented remote workers. I'm confident it was game-changing growth for me and all my fellow 'Escapers'!"

Raluca Marcu - Romania
Software Engineer

"It is very hard to sum up this experience in a few words.  It's fun, it's therapy, it's being productive, it's learning new things, new skills, seeing new and beautiful things, staying in amazing accommodations and having everything organized for you so you can just focus on the growth specified above.´


What are the COVID-19 Regulations on Madeira?

On this page you can find all the info provided by the government.

Madeira is currently one of the safest destinations in Europe. A COVID-19 test is mandatory on arrival and paid by the government in Madeira (Yes, a Free test 🥳). We require a negative test result before you can join our space.

What is your COVID-19 Policy?

We are aware of the current health and safety regulations and respect all the restrictions made by any government.

Full refunds of the deposit will be made by us in when you can proof your flight was cancelled or you can not travel because of government restrictions.

If we get any restrictions by the local government to host events we will postpone the event and you will be informed.
We don't refund any flights or travel costs.


Is the accommodation clean & safe for COVID-19?

Yes, we only work with accommodations that have the clean & safe certificate from the Portuguese government. 


How many hours can I work?

There will be enough time to get work done but we advise to work approx. 20 hours during our our experience. You ARE on an Escape, while staying at amazing places with amazing people and we want you to experience it to the fullest! You can work more hours of course, but we would highly recommend to enjoy the retreat to the fullest. We always listen to everyones preferences and work schedule, while trying to make it work the best as possible. 


How does the program look like?

The detailed program will be provided once you've signed up. We have daily breakfast (9AM) and dinner (7PM) with the group.

In between the meals we host different group activities and sessions and  there is plenty enough space and time to co-work and get work done.

Mostly the mornings are reserved for group sessions, the afternoons for co-working, but it can be the other way around, depending on the group.


What type of people will join?

Our Escapes are designed for remote working professionals.
The average age of the people who join us is mostly between 22 and 55 years old. Our participants mostly work as a freelancer, work remotely for a company, people who have their own business or people who are building their start up. 

We've hosted 100+ founders, entrepreneurs, freelancers, business owners, digital nomads, creatives who work in a variety of industries such as E-commerce, Software Engineering, Digital Marketing, Strategy Consulting, Media Buying, Brand Strategy, PR & Communication, Project Management, Virtual Assistance, Music Production, Videography, Photography, Blogging, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Recruitment, Web development, Sales & automation, and many more.


Do I have a private room?

For this program we've arranged shared and private studios. If preferred you can choose to share your room with another participant or as a couple. Pricing upon request.


What is included?

Stay in a luxury accommodation, daily extensive breakfast, daily dinner, workshops, 7x group training by personal trainer, DJ,  access to all facilities, indoor and outdoor pool, spa, hamam, botanical gardens, Wifi, curation of the group. 


What is not included?

Transport to our hotel, flights and travel costs, medical insurance, all activities and meals outside the program.


Can the Escape be cancelled?

We can only start the Escape with a full group of 9 people to cover costs and make sure the group is big enough to create nice vibes and dynamics. That is why we have a deadline of 1 month before the trip for people to sign up. If we don’t have a complete group we will refund the deposit that is made. (Please note: This never happend before)


How does the payment work?

Commitment is essential for our planning. At least 1 months before we start the Escape  we need to book the accommodation. That is why we need to ask for a 50% deposit. The full payment is only due 14 days in prior to departure for covering the costs for booking the accommodation and facilities. After the call with our team you will receive a link to the booking page where you can confirm your booking. 


I still have a question

Can't find your answer? Feel free to get in touch with us! or click on the whatsapp button! 

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