Two weeks ago I  was having dinner with my friend Carla Biesinger, who is an entrepreneur and a successful CEO. I asked her to share her top tips for growing your business. She said something that made me think: “It’s not just about having great ideas. It’s about surrounding yourself with the right people.”

That statement stuck with me because it isn’t always easy to find the right group of people or tribe in your industry who can support and grow you as an entrepreneur. If you’re like most entrepreneurs out there, you’ve probably had some challenges finding those types of people in your life—and even if you do know them, how do you get them involved?


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You are the average of 5 people you spend the most time with

The power of peer pressure is one of the most powerful forces in business, and it’s something that you should be aware of and take advantage of as much as possible. If your business is struggling to grow at a rate you’d like, maybe it’s time to surround yourself with some other people who can help give direction or advice.

There are many different ways to go about this: find another entrepreneur who has found success, join a mastermind group where everyone shares their tips and tricks for success, or start hanging out with people who have similar goals and interests as yours so that they can help keep up the motivation when things get tough. * It’s important not only for your personal growth but also for improving your company’s bottom line too!

Find your tribe

Finding your tribe is the most important step you can take toward growing your business. Your tribe is the group of people who share similar values and beliefs, and are willing to help one another succeed. It’s a group of people who will be able to relate to your challenges and provide valuable advice, support, and accountability.

Your tribe may consist of friends from college and work; former colleagues from previous jobs; family members; people in other industries whose stories inspire you; or even acquaintances met at networking events. The point is that these are the kind of folks who can make a difference in your life—whether it’s through their knowledge or simply by listening when things aren’t going well.

Membership into this elite circle isn’t automatic or necessarily easy—but if we want to grow as professionals (and as human beings), we need others who are committed enough to care about our success as much as they do their own.

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Find your mentor

Mentors are people who have been there and done that, so they can help you grow your business and your mindset. They offer guidance about the best ways to achieve your goals, see things from a different perspective when you need it most, and will provide clarity on any issues—big or small—that come up for you or your company. Mentors are not just for the start up phase of a business; they can be incredibly helpful throughout the course of one’s career as well.

Have a mastermind group

Having a mastermind group is one of the best ways to keep your business growing. A mastermind group is a small, intimate group of people who meet regularly in order to discuss challenges and create solutions. This can be done virtually or face-to-face, but it’s important for all participants to be able to contribute ideas freely and openly.

In order for your business growth strategy to work, you need your brain working at its maximum capacity at all times. That means knowing what kind of environment will encourage creativity and collaboration while feeling safe enough that you won’t be judged or criticized by other members of the group—and an effective way to do this is by finding someone who can help guide you on how best utilize these resources!


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Join Networking events

Networking events can be a great way to meet people who can help grow your business. From the most basic networking event to an industry-specific conference, it’s important to know that these events are not just for job seekers. The more people you know, the better—and even if you don’t need their services now, they may be someone who could be helpful later on!

The fact is that networking is a valuable tool when it comes to growing your business and getting ahead in life. Whether you’re new or experienced at this type of thing, here are some tips that will make all the difference:

  • Be friendly. This means smiling and being polite (even if it seems like everyone else there has already made friends). You never know who might end up being very useful down the road!

  • Introduce yourself when appropriate (but don’t force yourself on anyone). Make sure everyone knows who you are without being obnoxious about it! Just because someone doesn’t want their business card doesn’t mean they don’t want yours; trust me on this one 🙂

Conclusion: surrounding yourself with the right people will help you grow.

It’s important to surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed and want to help you get ahead. They should be as passionate about your success as they are about their own. Surrounding yourself with the right people will also help you learn, whether it’s from them or from others on projects that they bring in.

I hope that these tips and tricks have helped you to surround yourself with the right people, and we can’t wait to see what amazing things you do with your business!


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