the remote worker

You have the possibility do your work location independent while working for your employer.
You can have a remote-year or month and found the solution to combine work with your travels. Meeting other remote workers is what you want!

the digital nomad

You are working location independent on your own projects. You figured it out how to generate an income with your digital skills. While exploring new places you would like to get in touch with other ambitious people and build up your network.

the aspiring nomad

You are developing your skills to work online and travel the world. You are developing your skills and your business to become independent one day. You would like to meet other like-minded people and be inspired.

The business owner

You have your online business up and running and are able to run your activities from anywhere in the world. It is important for you to stay connected with other entrepreneurs to gain new insights and work on your business development.

the content creator

You want to capture remarkable moments on camera or in your blogs. It’s important for you to visit many places to collect a diversity in content. At the end of the day you want the peace to get some editing and uploading done.

the influencer

Travelling is a must for you to show your lifestyle and connect and engage constantly with your followers and brands. Daily visiting new places helps you to collect new exclusive and diverse content for your channels.


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Portugal 2020

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