Hi there! We are Andreas & Michelle, the crew and founders of the Nomad Escape.

We want to share our story because so many people ask us the ´how´ and ´why´ behind what we are doing. So here we are, for anyone who wants to know our story and also needs to have that extra push to follow their dreams!

We met each other whilst working as digital nomads in Australia for an online video travel guide. We’ve traveled over 24.000 KM together by road to shoot video content in Australia and Asia.

Back in Sweden and The Netherlands, where we are from, we worked for many years in the corporate world.

We loved our jobs and were good at what we were doing but something was missing. We are creative professionals, with many years of experience in videography and marketing but our environment did not really inspire and challenge us.

Michelle & Andreas driving in the van
Every day the same places, routines, people, and frameworks to function in. It didn’t bring out our full potential. We knew there was more.

The best decision we ever made.

We started both our journeys independently and 2 years ago we had no clue that our decision to put ourselves out there, meet new people and explore new places could have such a big impact on our personal and professional development.

If we stayed safe in our offices we would never know that it would be possible to create the business that we are running today.

Because we were brave enough to push ourselves out of our comfort zone, we met each other and found the inspiration to build the unique business we have today. Who would ever think you can find your business partner during a road trip through the outback of Australia?

We both knew we wanted to build a business that makes us and others truly happy and we asked ourselves the question: ‘What is to us the best job in the world?’

This one was very easily answered: Meeting and connecting inspiring people, traveling the world, and creating beautiful content for local business owners — Entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs.

Andreas filming

The Nomad Escape — Meaningful travel connections.

After answering this question to ourselves we decided to start a nomadic video production company specializing in creating content for tourism, travel and luxury real estate.

This allows us to connect with amazing people, travel to amazing destinations, and work with local businesses. While we travel around to film businesses we offer the opportunity to freelancers, remote workers, and online entrepreneurs to co-travel with us.

We call this ‘The Nomad Escape’. We help you to escape from your daily routine and bring you in touch with new people, places, and experiences that help you to build your network, skills, and perspective on life.

7 benefits of traveling with like-minded people

We have experienced as no one else how traveling the world together with like-minded people can benefit your personal and professional development.

meaningful travel connections
The aim of our co-travel trips is to share our experiences with others and help them to truly connect with others whilst also unplugging from work.

We travel for 21 days in a minibus, together with 9 inspiring people to 8 amazing destinations, stay in beautiful accommodations, and do amazing activities that will help you to get the best out of your personal and professional life.

We choose to stay for 21 days because from our experience we know this is how long it takes to connect with people on a deeper level.
What would we say when it comes to the benefits of traveling together for digital nomads? Very easy for us to answer this one. Let us sum up the 7 most important benefits up for you.

Traveling together with like-minded people gives you an opportunity to:

  • Network with entrepreneurial people from different continents while being in your sneakers or flip flops without having that forced or awkward network meet-up.
  • Create new friendships with people who understand your lifestyle and maybe even find new colleagues or business partners.
  • Work in different locations, with views of the mountains, the countryside or the beach. Escape the walls of your office and have a walk in nature or a new city to increase your inspiration and creativity.
  • Do things that you would never do alone or while being at home. Visiting new places means new things to do that will help you to get out of your comfort zone and most importantly, forget about your phone or laptop for a bit. We need to recharge our own battery to stay efficient and effective as entrepreneurs.
  • Be inspired by the stories and experiences of entrepreneurs from all around the world. Generate new energy, ideas, and motivation by hearing others’ stories.
  • Learn new skills, brainstorm, and take part in masterminds. With so many different backgrounds and industries together you will learn how to see things from another perspective and think outside of the box.
  • Create beautiful content to reach your audience (video, photo, blogs, or other). You will visit many new destinations with other entrepreneurs and what is more inspiring to show your audience or followers that you have been on this journey to accelerate your business?

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Digital Nomad Retreats 2020

Since we can’t travel at the moment we have to do things a bit differently. We are currently quarantined in paradise with The Nomad Escape crew in sunny Algarve, Portugal.

We are with 7 digital nomads working on our businesses, growing our own fruits and veggies, working out crazy, and going for a morning swim at 7 am! Now that life is starting to get back to normal we want to invite more of you to join us!

upcoming escapes

Come & Join Us!!

Be part of the next ESCAPE and get your digital skills to the next level. Skillsharing, workshops, masterminds, cultural experince, workout, cooking and a loooooot more.

Have a look at our UPCOMING ESCAPES and join for an inspiring time with digital professionals.

In the future, we plan to organize our road trips every 2 months to different destinations around the world!

We invite all professionals who can do their work remotely to experience The Nomad Escape with us, broaden their horizons, build true connections, and live life to the fullest!

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