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Lisbon: 2, 3, 4 April 2020

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Explore Europe's #1 digital Nomad Hub!

Discover colourful and sunny Lisbon together with like-minded people!
As well for starting digital nomads or more established ones, Lisbon is the ultimate city to live your life to the fullest. Thousands of digital nomads yearly visit, because of her great weather (300 days of sun per year!), countless digital nomad events, yummy food & drinks and amazing festivals, music and art through the city! The wifi is perfect and there are countless coworking and coliving spaces and plenty of trendy coffeeshops where you can sit down and get some work done! 


2, 3, 4 April 2020
Lisbon, Portugal
12 nomads
14 March

Experience our 3-Day Digital Nomad Incubator!

Join our Digital Nomad Incubator and enjoy the value of connecting, working and learning with like-minded people! Surround yourself with experienced nomads in an inspiring environment to make your nomad journey faster, easier and more fun!

  • We have designed the ultimate program to help you connect with likeminded people, discuss your challenges, learn digital nomad tips, tricks, tools and experience the vibrant digital nomad capital of Europe.
  • We take care of inspiring group sessions, logistics and planning so you can focus on your learning process. Just sit back, relax and learn! 
  • We focus on growth, comfort and connection. Cowork, explore the city and learn from like-minded professionals.

The Program


  • 3:30 PM: We meet at our beautiful private apartment in the city centre of THE digital nomad capital of Europe, Lisbon! 
  • 4PM: After checking in we take our time to get to know each other while having the famous Portuguese custard cake pastel de nata and the traditional port wine. We map out what our goals and ambitions are what we will be working on during our time together and play the nomad connection card game. 
  • 6PM: Wander the steep cobbled streets of bohemian Bairo Alto, one of the oldest Neighbourhood right in the heart of Lisbon. We arranged a table in a traditional Portuguese restaurant where you can taste Portugal finest flavours.
  • 8PM: it is time to explore the digital nomad scene and join the famous weekly digital nomad meet-up where nomads from all around the world get together, network with a glass off bubbles and feel free to dance and relax!


  • 8 AM: We start our day with a healthy breakfast and a morning stretch to have enough energy to get to work!
  • 9 AM: Experience the value of group sessions, masterminds and skill-shares and feel the impact of being surrounded by ambitious people.
  • 10 AM: We get a visit of a special guest! A highly experienced specialist in remote working and digital nomadism. He will give you interesting insights, tips and tricks to start or maintain your remote career, including Q&A!
  • 11 AM: We continue our group sessions, with a healthy lunch break in the middle of our day to get energised back to work!
  • 6 PM: We explore the characteristic streets of together and start our Friday night with sunset drinks at the sunniest square! Watch the sunset on the river side, listen to live music while drinking BYO drinks! This is the beauty of being a digital nomad: After work you have time to explore the most amazing places in the world!


  •  8 AM: We start our day with a healthy breakfast and a morning stretch to have enough energy to finish our time together
  • 9 AM: We make sure you leave after these 3 days with something practical. We help you setting goals for the upcoming months and help you to achieving it. We create accountability teams to help each other to get to the next level! After our time together we stay in touch to support, motivate and inspire each other. Embrace the power of surrounding yourself with the right people and experience how you can rock it further in 2020!
  • 11 AM: Time to pack our backs and continue our journey ourselves. And this time with a network of nomad friends and like minded people from all around the world! A priceless present you will keep for life!

experience living in heart of Lisbon!

Our luxury apartment is located right in front of the most beautiful and central square in Lisbon, the Luís de Camões Square. It’s located between the trendy Chiado and the picturesque and unique Bairro Alto. Here you are within walking distance from all the main places to visit in Lisbon such as Rossio, Chiado, Avenida da Liberdade, Bairro Alto, the City Castel and its picturesque neighbourhood called Alfama.

The Nomad Escape: Highlights

Working remotely is amazing but after a while it can become quite lonely and sometimes also stressful. We help you to connect with like-minded people to make your journey, easier, faster and more fun! Gain new energy, insights and inspiration during this unique experience and give yourself and your career a fresh boost!

Co-travel with like-minded people
Join inspiring   group sessions 
Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride

Derek Smith - Canada
PR & Communication 

 "The Nomad Escape team thinks of EVERYTHING! The individuals complemented each of our professional skills and I learned so much about myself and my work. I was able to re-focus, re-charge and re-build my business with the help of nine other super-talented remote workers. I'm confident it was game-changing growth for me and all my fellow 'Escapers'!"

Erin Butler - Scotland
Virtual Assistent

"This is such a unique concept and one that has changed my life in a massive way! Being surrounded by people who understand my goals and motivations and who all have so much knowledge and experience to share was so valuable! In three weeks I grew so much in myself and in my business (I got two new clients!) by surrounding myself with the right people."

Raluca Marcu - Romania
Software Engineer

"It is very hard to sum up this experience in a few words.  It's fun, it's therapy, it's being productive, it's learning new things, new skills, seeing new and beautiful things, staying in amazing accommodations and having everything organized for you so you can just focus on the growth specified above´."

Your Nomad Ninja

Michelle Maree

Co-founder of The Nomad Escape

Michelle is an experienced Digital Nomad and an entrepreneur for over 6 years. She is the co-founder of The Nomad Escape
and she organizes curated co-travel experiences for digital nomads who are highly motivated to go for their dreams. Plus, she is also the co-founder of 'The Nomad Productions', a video production company specialized in lifestyle, tourism and real estate videos.

She has the passion to inspire others to live their best lives. You're gonna love her energy and we're thrilled to welcome her into the mix!


 June and August 2020 - Locations will be announced soon!


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