We help your team escaping the ordinary, take them out of their (home) office to expand their world, creativity, productivity, and team spirit! 

With a growing number of remote companies and remote teams, it is more vital than ever for managers and colleagues to future proof the workforce to (re)connect and succeed in company objectives. 

We design and facilitate tailored company retreats, events, and meet-ups, both online and online, to help remote teams connect with each other and work on company goals together!

What remote workers say about working from home

We have hosted
hunderds of remote workers who work for a variety of companies such as  


By Request

By Request

Depending on location, duration, size of the group and preferences

company & remote team retreatS

The Nomad Escape designs exclusive experiences for companies and remote teams who want to connect with each other and work on company goals together. Escape your daily routine and grow your company, team spirit and engagement of your employees!

When you join work with us you'll...

  • get a fully tailored service and experience based on your company needs
  • work with a team of experienced hosts & professionals 
  • save time; You can focus on what matters most: Your business 
  • save costs; We know exactly how to organise a retreat cost efficient
  • have access to our content creators; document this experience and collect content for marketing and communication purposes 
  • team comes out with new energy and a higher team spirit

How Does It Work

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The Nomad Escape: Highlights

Stay in a beautiful locations with your team while working on teambuilding, new projects, strategy sessions or the growth of your business!

Working remotely is amazing but after a while it can become quite lonely and sometimes also stressful, since it is needed for some projects to meet each other face to face. We help teams to (re)connect with eachother and get to know each other outside of work. Gain new energy, insights and inspiration during this unique experience and give yourself and your career a fresh boost!

Work on teamspirit and engagement
Work on projects together 
Sit back, relax and focus on your core

As an remote working professional, The Nomad Escape made me experience my ideal life! It was a great experience and I am sure, Iโ€™d join them again!

- Namita Bakhru, Digital Strategist, India

Derek Smith - Canada
PR & Communication 

 "The Nomad Escape team thinks of EVERYTHING! The individuals complemented each of our professional skills and I learned so much about myself and my work. I was able to re-focus, re-charge and re-build my business . I'm confident it was game-changing growth for me and all my fellow 'Escapers'!"

Erin Butler - Scotland
Digital Marketer

"This is such a unique concept and one that has changed my life in a massive way! Being surrounded by people who understand my goals and motivations and who all have so much knowledge and experience to share was so valuable! In three weeks I grew so much in myself and in my business (I got two new clients!) by surrounding myself with the right people."

Raluca Marcu - Romania
Software Engineer

"It is very hard to sum up this experience in a few words.  It's fun, it's therapy, it's being productive, it's learning new things, new skills, seeing new and beautiful things, staying in amazing accommodations and having everything organized for you so you can just focus on the growth specified above.ยด

who is this for?

Our escapes are designed for companies, remote teams, founding teams, start-ups and any company who need an escape from their routine and the ordinary.

We have hosted  a variety of remote workers that work in the industries of Software Engineering, Digital Marketing, Strategy Consultanting, Media Buying, Branding & Design, PR & Communication, Project Management, Videography & Photography, Copywriters,  and many more.


Michelle Maree

Founder & Facilitator

Michelle is a community builder, facilitator, social impact entrepreneur and the founder of The Nomad Escape. 

She has hosted over 150 mastermind sessions and loves to connect people with a valuable network in a fun and informal way. She helps her community elevate their business or career through connecting them with inspiring network of like-minded individuals during her exclusive business and self development programs at The Nomad Escape. 

Marcus Morley Jones
Health & Vitality Coach

Marcus is an experienced vitality coach and entrepreneur from the UK. He is the founder of  ICON Performance & Vitality is a multinational health & fitness support network from the UK.

ICON & Partners use the power of Sports Therapy & Medicine by working closely with biofeedback laboratories, clinical nutritionist & other industry specialist to deliver a comprehensive solution for individuals and corporate wellbeing programmes.

๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Luca Vavassori

Host & Facilitator

Luca helps online entrepreneurs and remote work-focused companies to develop their next steps by shaping strategies and hosting workshops. Previously a Data Scientist & consultant for one of the Big4 Consulting Firms and is the founder of Resolut Workshops. 

๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡น Tiago Olim
Experience Creator & Host

Tiago is an experience creator & hospitality ambassador within the premium beverage market & tourism.
He is passionate about creating the best experiences for our guests and knows as no one else to focus on the small details and creating the perfect ambiance for the best costumer experience. 

About The Nomad Escape 

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We are aware of the current health and safety regulations and respect all the restrictions made by any government.
Full refunds of the deposit will be made by us in when you can proof your flight was cancelled or you can not travel because of government restrictions.
If we get any restrictions by the local government to host events we will postpone the retreat and you will be informed.
We don't refund any flights or travel costs. 
Read here the latest update of the Portuguese government about COVID-19 regulations.  


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