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Charlie had had her eyes on Madeira as a travel destination for quite some time and she had booked her ticket for Nomad Island Fest months in advance. As it happens in life; things don’t always go according to plan and the dates for the event were changed. It would take place a week later than originally planned and the organisers of The Nomad Escape decided to schedule an additional Level Up Club for attendees like Charlie who had already saved the dates for the week before.

After three weeks in the mountains at Homeoffice Madeira, Charlie spent another two weeks at the sunny coast of Ponta do Sol. She hadn’t booked the Level Up Club with The Nomad Escape intentionally and had no expectations. She knew that she would meet other digital nomads; everything else was entirely open.

Little did she know that this would be one of the greatest experiences of her life.



Our 7-day life-changing experience in Madeira from 12 – 18 Apr 2024.

What is Level Up Club?

Level Up Club is not only a retreat, but an opportunity for anybody who wants to take the next step in their business or life. It is not exclusive to digital nomads, but anybody with an open mindset and entrepreneurial spirit.

Those that are on a path of self-development or career change find the best opportunities to broaden their horizons, make useful connections and find their direction. Charlie wasn’t looking for a career change or a breakthrough in personal development and she still found a lot of inspiration, a few days of mindfulness and deep connections that will hopefully last a lifetime.

It was incredible to see how somebody who was looking for a new career path and new hobbies suddenly picked up the guitar again after 20 years and rediscovered the music, how a business idea turned into a proper business plan, how an ongoing life-coach found their unique approach and branding and how a passions project turned into their main business.

If you come with a specific goal, you will see much clearer after this business retreat, and if you don’t have a specific goal, you might find something you didn’t even know you were looking for.


That’s what the Level Up Club with The Nomad Escape can do!

Join us at Level up club business retreat in Bali, Indonesia for seven days of work, play, and learning.

  • You can expect to learn about how to travel as a digital nomad, how travel has changed over the years and what it will look like in the future. You’ll also get an insight into the psychology of a nomadic lifestyle and how you can apply these learnings to your own life.
  • You’ll have time away from work so you can enjoy this beautiful island with other digital nomads while still networking with others who share similar interests. We’re talking activities like surfing lessons or relaxing on our private beach!
  • This event is all about meeting new people—you might meet someone who becomes your best friend or finds out about their project that could help yours grow! You might even find out about some cool businesses or services that would make great additions to your portfolio.
  • After this event ends we plan on having another one soon after so stay tuned for more information!
Do you want to join a life changing experience and take your business, network, and skills to the next level?

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