On the road  with us

Every day is a new adventure.
Daily explore new places and share new experiences. Every day is as unique as the day before.

  • 21 days, 12 or more unique accommodations, 15 fantastic activities.
    The perfect mix of chill, exploring and the time to work for those who want to, some days we drive 30mins, some days it’s 4 hours with pit stops along the way and some days we stay in the same place to explore the area a little more.

  • Day one it’s time to meet the gang, make some friends and chill out while the crew explain some of the practical stuff and gives you a rundown of the itinerary. After all the fun of this is done its time to hit the road and let the adventure begin!
  • While enjoying one of the many activities the trusty crew will be there making sure they capture the magic so you can fully enjoy.
  • You will have days full of activities and adventure, and days without activities to make sure you have the perfect balance to get your work done or just to explore the area and have some valuable you time.