Youssef Benkirane

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I'm an escaper !

I joined The Nomad Escape as the younger participant for a 1 month retreat in portugal.
I was 21 and back then, I was doing a Gap Year and exploring the digital nomad word.
Today I'm 25, I've finished my studies of software engineering and I'm escaping a second time. I left my job as a Business Analyst consultant in a bank, and I'm working as a freelancer.

I help people and projects by handling their online visibility, using my skills of web designer, developer, photographer and social medias manager.

Today, my main strugle with switching back to this lifestyle is finding clients, while being based in Paris. Any idea on how to help me ? Would love to connect !

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15, Rue de Javel, Quartier de Javel, 15th Arrondissement, Lutetia, Paris, Ile-de-France, Metropolitan France, 75015, France

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Escaper (€0 - €250k)
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Less than a Year

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I've been a full time freelancer since january 2024. I use my design / developer / photographer skills to increase online presence of my clients projects.

My goal is to grow my business to make it viable on long term.
The first step is to earn the money I need to cover my living cost in paris : 2K€

I need help to find client and projects who would benefit from by services.

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