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Captain of the family boat 🚢 Breathwork, Haka, Ice, Cybersecurity ❤️ Sociable Nerd 🤓 Always learning - the more I know, the more I understand how little I know🎒

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Schaffhausen, Schweiz

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Escaper (€0 - €250k)
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Less than a Year

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I am currently starting up a new business in the form of a community platform that evolves around personal development, SOMA, mindfulness and will include everything you need for personal development and getting into authentic action. My goal is to grow this business so that I can generate 10.000 CHF+ / monthly through this pillar and invest it for our family’s retirement.

Support would be great in: Sales & Marketing, Video & Content Production for Social Media, Trystorming & Feedback on the platform, Partnerships for content

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