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Hello all,

My birth name is Svetlana, but my alter ego and my adapted personality's name is Lana Wild.

I'm a neurodivergent energy healer who's finally responding to her soul's calling. I've been battling with self-acceptance and personality conflicts most of my adult life. Unsurprisingly, I love helping others accept their imperfections and quirks and tend to attract unicorns and blue morphos to my life.

I'm not sure in which modality I want to heal but I would love to direct my focus to other expats, neurodivergent people, and people from alternative lifestyles who are not understood, accepted, or treated correctly by the mainstream society and systems.

The roadblocks I'm facing right now are:

  1. How to set up my website and let people schedule calls/healing sessions with me.
  2. The logistics of running such a business (I know it's as easy as setting up a Square page, but I was never been able to even get that far.)
  3. How to market and explain what I do, and develop a clear roadmap for the sessions.
  4. Find licensed professionals I can refer people to if this is what the right path for the client.
  5. Get accountability partners or partner up with people who are interested in similar ideas and potentially have an entire system where people can find everything they might need in one place.
  6. Time management and mentorship in any of the areas I'm lacking.


I hope this is not too long.


Lana W.


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United States
Dallas County, Texas, United States

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Escaper (€0 - €250k)
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over 10 Years

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Just to get started and book at least the first paying client within the next three months.

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