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Hello there! I´m Christina in the Andes of Ecuador. Horses empowered me growing up in Germany and today I share herd wisdom for therapy and life coaching in 30 countries. I homeschool my 3 teenage sons, produce ideas like a maniac, run healing workshops, teach HeartMarth, speak and direct my non-profit therapy center and work on scaling my course business. Yes, that´s a lot. That´s why I am here...

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Cotacachi, Imbabura, Ecuador

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Business Stage
Builder (€250k - €1M)
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6 to 10 Years

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I want every horse person to know about Horse Guided Empowerment® for their own wellbeing, to help others and to create a better life for horses. I am driven and passionate to accomplish that big mission but lack the corporate background and social circle that can push me forward.

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