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Hey y’all! I’m Fai 27 a boy mom to Tj🩷 I’m a natural healer and always see the bigger picture instead of what’s just in the frame. I help people see beyond what their eyes can see.

Im an author, entrepreneur, aspiring travel influencer and intuitive transitional coach for EYE Ascend. Founder of the “Your Calling Is Calling” movement. I guide visionary dreamers feeling stagnant or lost, STEP! & move forward into the journey of answering their calling towards purpose and freedom utilizing “R3 Sequence” and “F.O.R.M”.

My next part of my journey main goal now is to move out the states and become a digital nomad. I believe doing this is a big part of my breakthrough as it’s time for me to move and transition again after rebuilding for 2 years in Houston. ( I have my eyes on Thailand) I have my passport appointment set, just need the funds. Im open to any collabs or opportunities like speaking engagements (events/podcast etc) preferably out the country to get my foot in the door. Also if you have advice for the transition of moving out the country and traveling I would love to hear that as well🤗

P.S my business plan is laid out and planned just need help setting up and developing the beginning stages and finding other experts/coaches and a team to be apart of the community that align with the vision and purpose.

Fun fact: I started my anime journey in 2021 after leaving my hometown and I’m mad I didn’t start sooner😭🤩  I’m currently watching One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, Black Clover, Ragna & Crimson, Solo Leveling and that’s to name a few lol.

PS. If you love anime tap in with me! 🩷🩷😍

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Houston, Harris County, Texas, United States

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Escaper (€0 - €250k)
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Less than a Year

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My #1 goal as of today is to begin traveling the world and to leave the US ASAP ( looking at Thailand but honestly I’ll start anywhere). To get my passport and receive a biz opportunity out the country so I can hopefully have it expedited. (I don’t want to wait 2-3 months😭) I have business ideas and plans written out but need help executing on it , structuring and building it with a team. I really just need a team, mentor, and experts that can help me bring this vision to life and to also be apart of this vision because its going to take a village to birth this vision it’s sooo BiG.

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