A high-value network is a group of people who like and respect each other, share information and have an interest in getting to know each other better. It’s about more than just having lots of connections and swapping business cards.


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1. Define what “high value” means to you.

Before you start growing a high-value network, it’s important to define what exactly we mean by “high value”.

High value means different things to different people. It could be a person who has access to resources that help you reach your goals or it could be someone who can introduce you to decision makers. For some, high value might mean having lots of connections and being able to access them easily while others might define it as having the right people in their network at all times.

In order for us to know the criteria for our definition of “high value”, first we need to set some goals for ourselves. For example: if your goal is becoming more fit and healthy, then one way of measuring this would be how much weight you’ve lost since starting on your journey as well as how many days per week/month/year you exercise and eat healthily (or vice versa).

    2. Once you know what you mean by “high value” then figure out how to reach those people with your message

    • What is your message?
    • How will you reach those people?
    • What channels will be most effective for reaching them?
    • How can you measure the results of your message?
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    3. Connect with people before, during and after your events

    You should connect with people before, during and after your events.

    • Before the event: Build anticipation by connecting with key individuals who can help spread word about it. Also, set up a pre-event survey to get information about what people want from the event and where they’re coming from.

    • During the event: Try to meet as many people as possible in person! This will give you an opportunity to build relationships one-on-one. If this isn’t possible due to time constraints or logistics (which it often is), then connect with attendees on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook so that they know who you are before arriving at future events.

    • After an event has taken place: Send out thank you notes posthaste! People will appreciate being recognised for their involvement in making your networking events successful long after they’ve happened because recognition inspires loyalty—and loyalty makes for loyal customers/clients/spouses/etc., which means repeat business down the road!

    4. Do not be a pain in the ass when you are networking

    The best way to become a pain in the ass when you network is to be pushy. You don’t want to come across as “the guy” who relentlessly badgers others about how great their product or service is, and then tries to sell them something. You also don’t want to be that person who constantly asks for favors from everyone, because it makes you look like a user rather than someone with real value or ability.

    When you’re networking, people will tell you about themselves and what they do. It’s up to you whether or not you engage them further on those topics—and if so, how much time and energy you devote toward doing so. The more valuable your time together becomes, the more likely they are going to want some of it back in return (by buying whatever product/service/idea has been introduced).


    5. Ask for referrals from every client

    Ask for referrals from every client. Don’t just ask for one, but ask for several. In fact, it’s best if you can get a referral from each person that comes in the door—especially if they’re happy with their experience.

    Ask for referrals from every business partner. If your business partners are happy with the results they’ve gotten working with you, they’ll be more than willing to help in spreading the word about how awesome you are!

    Ask for referrals from every supplier/vendor/service provider in your network who has provided a great service or product at a fair price (and don’t forget the subcontractors!). You wouldn’t want people thinking that they were overcharged by anything or sold an inferior product without being aware of it—so why not let them know how much value these companies provided? This will also give you an opportunity to keep tabs on all of these suppliers so that should one go out of business unexpectedly…

    6. Add clients to your WhatsApp groups for unique content and offers

    Add clients to your WhatsApp groups for special content and offers.

    WhatsApp groups are a great way to stay in touch with clients, but it can also be used for networking. In your group, you can add other people who may be interested in what you do and would benefit from the content of your group. For example: if you are a yoga teacher and have a few students who want to learn more about mindfulness meditation, you could add them as members of your WhatsApp group (if they agree). In this way, everyone benefits as they get access to exclusive content that they wouldn’t otherwise have had access too. You’ll also find that some people will share helpful information amongst themselves which adds value for everyone involved!


    7. Reach out to new connections if you see them online

    If you see a new connection and they’re active on social media, reach out to them. If they are not active on social media, send them an email. The best way to do this is by reaching out with the intention of adding value instead of selling something.

    This could be something like recommending a book that changed your life or sharing an article that may be helpful in their business (don’t forget to include the link). Most people would love more information about what others are working on so if you can provide it for free then why not?

    8. Join Digital Nomad, Business and Mastermind retreats, events, and conferences.

    This is where you find the people you are looking for. Don’t go for the ‘cheapest’ ones. Buy yourself into a network that is able to pay a decent amount for an event. The higher the price of the event, the more established the businesses of the people you meet there are.

    This network is the most important part of your business, life and success.

    This network is where you find your best opportunities to build relationships that lead to better business outcomes. The network is where you find new clients who can help share your message with others in their network. It’s where you get support from others when things aren’t going so well for you or for someone else in the group.

    The more people in our networks, the more value we can add to each other’s lives and businesses by sharing information about events/products/services that matter most to us all!


    When you are building your network, think about what it means to have a high value one. A high value network is not just about having a lot of people in it but also about the quality of those relationships and the trust that exists between them. When you reach out to someone with an offer that they cannot refuse, they will be more likely to respond positively than if they did not know you at all.


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