Let’s face it: After 3 months in lock-down we all had the chance to reflect on our personal and professional lives, goals and growth.

We all had the time to finally work on projects that we postponed for such a long time, learn new skills, start working out or take that long deserved break. 

Many professionals that didn’t work remotely yet, were forced to work remotely. Many people who lost their jobs started looking into remote work and exploring opportunities and skills. Experienced remote workers continued their remote routines. The way of working is globally changing, and we need to adapt. 

Everyone takes something different out of this period of crisis. Lessons, insights, skills or jobs. 

And most of us, did it all alone. Alone at home.

Not always surrounded by people who strive the same things, have the same life goals and the same ambitions.  

And this can be demotivating, lonely, overwhelming, and exhausting. No one to brainstorm with, no one to ask feedback or learn new skills from. 

That is why, especially after quarantine, it is SO important to surround yourself with like-minded people! 


👉 Let’s sum up the 5 reasons WHY you SHOULD treat yourself on an Escape and connect with like-minded people:


1. It is the ULTIMATE energy booster!

Meeting new people, in a holiday environment but still be able to talk business ideas and get some work done, pumps you up!

2. You’ll Learn new skills WAY faster!

Instead of watching hours of tutorials on youtube when you want to learn new things, you are now surrounded by people who are already doing it!

3. You grow your network of Digital Nomads, Remote Workers, Founders, Entrepreneurs and like-minded people  MASSIVELY

When surrounded by 9 international remote professionals you have access to their global network! Can you imagine how many doors will open.

4. You can finally RELAX

Let others take care of you. Don’t think of what to do, what to cook, when to do what or how to connect with people. It is ALL arranged for you!

5. You will make FRIENDS for life!

By spending a period intensively together with a group that has the same mindset, working on projects together and supporting each other, you BOND way quicker and connect also on a personal level! No massive meetups, uncomfortable networking events, or formal events.

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