Last week I went to Lisbon to visit the Web Summit, the biggest tech conference in Europe. I combined my 5 days there with catching up with one of my dearest friends, Carla Biesinger. Carla has grown her business in less than 4 years to a 7-Figure business, and of the most inspiring self-made online entrepreneurs I have ever met.

Carla and I met 3 years ago in a coworking space in Lisbon. I saw she was working with Facebook Ads and I asked her if she could help me with something I was stuck with. What I did not know is that she was just like me a driven entrepreneur and we would become best friends later. The further our friendship grew, our businesses grew as well. Carla joined the Nomad Escape two times. I bought 3 of her marketing courses and signed up for her mentorship.

The fact that Carla and I both were building a business was extremely helpful for me. Not only did she understand my journey, she also had complimentary skills that were helpful for me. And the other way around my Escapes were extremely helpful for her when she needed to take a break from the laptop and get inspired by fellow entrepreneurs.

Carla has made me a better entrepreneur, and a better friend and has well shown me what can happen if you spend time with people that work on a level you want to be at. Tip: Invest in friendships that make you grow and get rid of the toxic or draining ones. You become who you spend time with!

I created this blogpost where I share 5 reasons why you should have like-minded friends.

We all know that having like-minded friends can help you grow as a person. The thing is, it’s not always easy to find those people. But when you do find them, your life will be better for it!


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Like-minded friends help you build your best self

It can be a challenge to find people who want to help you become the best version of yourself. But it’s well worth the effort. When we surround ourselves with people who believe in us, we’re able to accomplish more than we ever thought possible with our businesses, careers and personal lives.

When you have like-minded friends who also want to grow their own businesses and achieve success, it creates an environment where everyone is working toward the same goals as one another instead of just talking about them or talking about someone else’s goals. And when one person succeeds at something important for their business or career—like getting a new client or landing a raise—the other person feels great too because they know that they helped make that happen by being supportive along the way (even if they didn’t do anything specifically).

Bouncing ideas off each other helps when working on a project or trying to make a decision

Bouncing ideas off each other is a great way to get some perspective on what you’re working on. If you’re trying to come up with solutions, bouncing your ideas off someone who has different experience than you can help you see things from a fresh angle. For example, I’m currently working on a video game project where we’ve been having trouble figuring out the best way to solve the issue of combat in our game. My partner and I have talked about different ways we might be able to handle it, but it’s hard for us both because neither of us has any experience making games before—and thus we don’t know if any of our ideas will actually work or not! By getting feedback from people who do have that kind of experience though (like friends who work at video game developers), I feel like we’ll be able to come up with something better than just trying random stuff until something clicks (which has been happening so far).

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You can rely on one another for help and advice on your projects

What’s more, you can also ask for help from your friends. If you’re working on a project, like a business or a school assignment, it might be difficult to tackle alone. You may get stuck at any point in the process and need someone to guide you through it. Your friend will know what they’re doing because they’ve already accomplished something similar themselves, so they can share their knowledge and experience with you.

Your friend might also have skills that are relevant to your project in some way—perhaps they have connections with people who could help; perhaps they have time (which we all need sometimes); maybe they know where to find resources or equipment for free or cheap. The possibilities are endless!

You can share experiences with one another to better both of your lives

You can share experiences with one another to better both of your lives

When you have like-minded friends, it’s easier to share ideas. You can help each other with problem solving and brainstorming new ways of approaching a situation. This will help both of you learn from each other and make sure that no one makes the same mistakes again. Sharing successes also helps build a stronger bond between friends because they know that they are doing something right when they achieve their goals or complete projects together.

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Find like-minded friends to further grow your personal and professional life.

Like-minded friends are people who share your personal and professional values, goals, and ambitions. They’re the kind of people you can trust when it comes to advice on your career and life in general.

Like-minded friends can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look or how to identify them. The good news is that there are plenty of ways for you to find them:

  • Join a group or club that shares your interests (i.e., yoga or photography).
  • Join online communities dedicated solely to helping their members grow as individuals through conversation and support (i.e., LinkedIn Groups).
  • Join online communities dedicated solely to helping their members grow as individuals through conversation and support (i.e., LinkedIn Groups).


If you’re looking to make more friends, the best way to do so is by getting out there and meeting people who share your interests. The next time you go shopping for a new pair of shoes or go for a walk in your neighborhood park, look for someone who looks like they might be open to talking with you about their favorite books or movies. This will help create some common ground between both parties from which friendships can grow!


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