5 must-do’s when working From Home


1. Evening & Morning routine 

What’s the last thing you look at before you go to sleep?
Do you check your phone as soon as you wake up in the morning?

Try keeping your phone on airplane mode for an hour before you go to bed and for the first hour of the day.

It will make a big difference to your ability to forget the stresses of the day and fall asleep and also to start the working day feeling calm and focussed on what I want to achieve rather than having already been distracted by other people’s agendas.

Try instead to read, journal or take a bath before bed and stretch, meditate or exercise in the morning. 


2. Physical Workspace 

Create a physical workspace at home or join a co-working space to make a physical separation between work and rest.

When we start working on our laptops in bed we blur the lines and will soon be checking emails when we can’t sleep at 3am.


3. Get outside 

We spend so much time sitting at our desks behind screens it’s so important to get outside, get fresh air and move your body.

During the week you might only have time for 20 minute run or walk at the end of the day but try to spend a longer periods of time outside and being active at the weekend.

Joining a class is another great way to stay active and being in a class or at the gym with a friend reduces the chances of you sneakily checking your work emails mid session!

If you work from home starting and ending the work day with a 10 minute walk can be a great way of getting fresh air, exercise and creating a little mental separation between home and work.

3. Connect 

Spend (virtual) time with people.  Go for a (video) dinner with friends, catch up with your family, attend an online meetup event.

Connecting and truly being present with others is a great way to unplug and destress from a busy week.


 4. Laugh 

Whether it’s going to a comedy show, spending time with your best friends or just watching the most recent episode of your favourite TV show. Laughter really is the best medicine!

5. Take a day off

It sounds simple but so many business owners and entrepreneurs don’t think they can afford to take days especially in the early days.

But this level of intense working over a prolonged period of time is not sustainable and will eventually lead to burn out.

Try to take at least one day off per week when you don’t check your emails, take work calls or check your social media.. AT ALL!

You’ll come back feeling refreshed and energised and be more productive afterwards.

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