Michelle Maree: “In the past months we have had the pleasure to work with Anna Shcherybna, Founder and CEO of Remotivate, a Recruitment Agency that helps digital agencies hire remote superstar talent in leadership and management roles. She is a great professional, and shared a lot of value with us, so we asked her if she wanted to provide some value to our community too, and here is how this blogpost was born.”

As a Recruitment Agency Owner and HR Consultant, I get the unique chance to speak with founders on a regular basis and learn the intricate workings of companies from the inside out.

Just last week, I spoke with an agency founder who has been hiring staff on and off for years within the remote space.

And yet, he was still struggling when it came to attracting, hiring and maintaining a great A-player candidate for a media buyer role.

So he reached out to get some advice and direction, to improve the next round of hiring for this important position.

After about an hour chat, and quite a few recommendations, he went off to make some changes.

After a few days, he messaged explaining how big of a difference these tweaks made.

-He now had hundreds of candidates applying
-The quality shot through the roof
-He’s SAVED money (by not posting on expensive Job Boards)
-And within 1 week, he is already finalizing a few top candidates for the role

I’m here to share with you the 5 tweaks we made, so you can also get these results for any remote role you are hiring for!


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Mistake #1: Using Expensive Remote Job Boards

Truth is, there is no need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive job boards.

Covid gave us something pretty magical – a new perspective to the majority of the working population – that remote work is the future.

And because of this, Linkedin has now become one of the BEST hubs in attracting top candidates for very little cost.

Mistake #2: Running a Free Post on LI

If you want TONS of good, quality candidates coming in – run a paid post.

Set a $5 (or whatever LI says is the minimum for that role) per day budget, and you’ll have dozens to hundreds of candidates coming in within days.

5 Mistakes You are Making When Sourcing Remote

Mistake #3: Posting the Job Ad to Only One Country

When hiring remote, you most likely are open to the idea of hiring from a variety of countries or states. So instead of launching and running your ad in one country or state, CHANGE the country/state every 3-4 days.

It relaunches and you get a ton of newly qualified candidates flooding in.

Mistake #4: Focusing on YOUR requirements in the Job Description

Don’t get me wrong – you absolutely should include role requirements.

But you are struggling to attract good candidates, it’s most likely an in-demand role.

And what I see most employers do – is focus too much on writing out the position requirements, responsibilities, culture and personality fit, etc, vs taking some time to sell the position aka making it attractive to candidates.

Consider a job description like a marketing ad for your business. To sell, you need to keep your customer in mind.

Check out our Job Description Guide & Template here.

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Mistake #5: Not Having a Vetting Process

When recruiting for most positions, make sure to have a vetting system in place. I’ve outlined the flow we currently use with all our clients at Remotivate when helping to recruit for Remote Roles:

  • Questionnaire – questions related to experience, job logistics (time zones, salary, etc), remote readiness, and motivations.
  • Video – a video requirement that gives you a chance to see your potential candidate communicate, share about themselves, and gives you an opportunity to learn about their personality and drive.
  • Interview – we recommend at least 2 interviews with separate individuals on your team to avoid bias.
  • Test Project – a few assignments to be able to identify if a candidate will be a good fit for the position you are looking to fill.
  • Reference checks – and finally, don’t forget to run a few reference checks to make sure candidates were successful in their previous roles.

If you are struggling with hiring for a remote position at the moment, and would like to get some hands-on help, or just have a few questions about your hiring process, feel free to reach out and book in a time to chat here.


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