Portugal is the number one destination for digital nomads. It has everything a digital nomad needs to work remotely, including natural beauty, a healthy community of fellow travellers, safety and stability.

But why Portugal?


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1. Taxes

The tax system in Portugal is quite favorable for digital nomads. The country has a flat tax rate of 20% which means that you pay the same amount of taxes on your income regardless of its size. Furthermore, many tax breaks available for different types of businesses can help improve your financial situation further.

If you start a business while living in Portugal, your company will be eligible for a 15% tax deduction on profits until 2022 (the remaining 5% will be paid next year). As an entrepreneur, you can deduct up to 20% of your net earnings from all sources as expenses related to running and maintaining the business. This includes travel costs and other fees associated with networking or travelling around Europe for conferences and events related to your business activities etc.

Disclaimer: I am not a tax advisor. This is based on online research and other resources

2. Visa

You don’t need a visa if you are staying in Portugal for 90 days or less. After that, however, you need to apply for a residence permit. This is done via an online form and costs 50€.


3. Nature

Portugal has a wide variety of landscapes. There are mountains, forests, and lakes, but also sandy beaches and bays. The climate is mild throughout the year with average temperatures ranging from 10°C in winter to 25°C in summer.

To sum up, Portugal has something for everyone!

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4. Community

The community of digital nomads in Portugal is growing, and fast! As more people arrive to live and work remotely, they’re adding to this already-active community. Additionally, many members of the Portuguese community speak English as their first language so you can easily network with them even if your Portuguese language skills are limited.

The friendly and welcoming nature of the Portuguese digital nomad community makes it easy for anyone new to join in on conversations about working abroad. It’s great for people who want a place where they can feel included from day one—without having to worry about feeling left out or not fitting in because everyone was born somewhere else (or not born at all).

Digital nomads value being able to meet up with other like-minded individuals in person because it helps foster connections between them that don’t require sitting behind a computer screen all day long. This is why many events are organized by local groups such as Porto Innovation Hub or Meetup groups like Lisbon Digital Nomad Meetup Group

In addition, there are plenty of opportunities to mingle socially through events such as open houses hosted by coworking spaces like LACS Coworking Space.

5. Weather – The Island of eternal spring

If you are looking for the perfect climate, this is your spot! Madeira is called the Island of eternal spring as it never gets extremely hot or extremely cold.
Madeira’s summer temperatures average 25C, but during winter they drop to 15C at the lowest. This means that you can enjoy warm weather throughout your entire stay in Madeira. even if you’re there during wintertime.

The average rainfall is 1,000 mm and annual sunshine hours are 2,000+. The island of Madeira has some of the highest amounts of sunshine hours in all of Europe. It’s also known for its beautiful beaches which make it a great place to live or visit as well!

6. Culture

You’ll find that Portuguese people are friendly, hospitable, and welcoming. Portugal is home to some of the friendliest people in Europe (and maybe even the world) and you’re sure to make new friends wherever you go.

If you live in Lisbon or Porto, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with local communities through Meetup groups like Digital Nomads Portugal where you can meet other digital nomads for coffee or drinks at one of Lisbon’s many coworking spaces. If you’re looking for something more immediate, why not strike up a conversation with someone on the street? It may seem daunting at first but don’t worry! The locals will warm right up once they realize that English isn’t your first language—just be yourself!


7. Food

One of the best things about Portugal is its food. There are over a thousand varieties of custard tarts, and some people believe Portuguese cuisine has more influence than any other in Europe. This is because Portugal’s history and location have meant that many different cultures and countries have influenced it over the centuries.

The Portuguese empire was one of the largest empires in world history, extending from Brazil to India, with many smaller colonies in Africa and Asia. As a result of this long period as an empire (from 1415-1999), you can find Portuguese influence across Asia, Africa, South America, and even parts of North America!

8. Safety

Portugal is a safe country. It’s one of the safest countries in the EU, with a low homicide rate, a low violent crime rate, and a low terrorism risk.

In fact, I lived in Lisbon for two years before moving to another European city because I felt so comfortable there. It’s a quiet town where you can walk around at night and feel completely safe. In fact, I never had any problems during my entire time living there!

9. Ocean

Portugal has the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Mediterranean on the other. The ocean is a great place for surfing, sailing, and swimming. It’s also a great place to meet people who share your interests or just want to hang out with a new friend.

If you love animals or nature then Portugal is perfect for you because there are so many beautiful places where you can go hiking or enjoy some time outdoors with your dog or cat.

The weather in Portugal varies from hot summers to mild winters which means that it doesn’t get too cold at night! You can even see snow during winter if you’re lucky enough!

10. Opportunities

Portugal is a great place to launch a start-up. This country has a good economy, so you can be sure that your business will be successful. Many young people here are willing to help you establish your company and grow it.

There are many incubators and accelerators, conferences, events, and investors in the country. That’s why it’s one of the best places for digital nomads to start their own businesses.

Start-up Portugal is an initiative from Pedro Vieira from iMinds that aims to support startups with mentoring programs, training sessions, etc., as well as provide them with funding opportunities. They also organize several events where entrepreneurs can meet like-minded people to collaborate with or network.



Portugal is an excellent place to live as a digital nomad. It has everything you need from the weather to food and drinks, safety, and security. Portugal is also one of the cheapest countries in Europe for living expenses such as rent or food bills. The Portuguese are very friendly people who are always willing to help out newcomers when needed.

If you’re looking for an affordable place to call home as part of your journey as a digital nomad where there’s plenty of sunshine throughout the year, then Portugal should definitely be on your radar!

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